State College, PA

Known as a great college town, the team was looking forward to a night on the town before the ride at State College. Arriving early enough to shake the travel from our legs, a few of the guys went out for a quick spin. Jeremy and Steve spent more time applying embrocation for their ride through campus than actually riding. Ben and Dave C. (Rapha filmmaker) were rolling for home when suddenly Dave was hit by a woman making a quick turn. The bike wedged into her broken windshield and Dave strewn on her hood, it didn’t look good. Luckily, amazingly, Ben avoided her car, so he was able to help look after Dave as the police and ambulance arrived. After a thorough inspection at the Penn State Medical School’s emergency room, Dave was discharged, bruised, scraped and torn but somehow not broken. His bike however was finished.

Still, when the alarm sounded the next morning for the ride, Dave was somehow up hobbling around with the camera to capture the days events. That day our team was joined by a fresh-legged friends from Emmaus— Dave L’Heureux, Mike Cushionberry and Selene Yeager from Bicycling Magazine.