Sketches From the Road

We are on temporary reprieve from the road now, resting and preparing for the next half of our summer Rapha Continental tour. Leaving July 12th for Arizona, we’re looking forward to riding all of the Rockies and across the Big Sky states. Working through all the emails, phone calls, texts, uploads and downloads, maps, videos, notes and artifacts accumulated over the last three months, we have a clearer understanding of what’s involved in telling an interesting story from the road. With that in mind, we will continue to post evidence of some of our more interesting moments and experiences while we’ve had the time to digest it all. Starting here with a few of our favorite polaroids, illustrations, quotes and musings selected from the 11×17 art journal cum scrapbook from the van.

Beginning July 12, we will be back out on the road and journaling on a daily basis. For 21 days and eleven rides, through seven western states we will continue to report on the making of the Rapha Continental. Please follow along.