Satchel Ride Teaser

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“By the time we had delivered the satchel to Sydney, we had retraced a unique route, crossing three states to arrive exhausted but elated. What remained was the bond that formed between the Continental riders, a unique camaraderie.” – Daniel Strauss

In 1912, a relay race was held from Adelaide to Sydney. Its aim was to determine the most effective way of transporting a satchel of military dispatches at a time of national crisis. Covering 1,149 miles, much of it over remote and challenging terrain, the race pitted cars and motorcycles against a team of cyclists. Nearly 70 hours later, when the winning team reached Sydney, it was not the team of cars, nor the team of motorcycles that recorded the fastest time. The winning team was the team of cyclists. To mark the centenary of their achievement, the Rapha Continental Australia set out to recreate their momentous achievement. The result was the Rapha Satchel Ride.