Riding with Ryan

Each and every day for the past few weeks in Portland we have experienced a strange bout of weather. The days start out cool and rather grey, but by the afternoon the sun has burned everything away and is bright as all get out. This makes for interesting clothing choices as the arms and gilet have suddenly come back into fashion.

Last Friday, these were the questions that were being thrown around the office as we prepped for the ride up Logie Trail. The climb, just a few miles out of Portland is one that we generally shy away from because of the distance + incline relation to the rest of the climbs in the area. That being said, the climb is one of the local favorites simply because the top sections that we imagine to be Euro climbs.

Ira Ryan set a quick pace up Logie, as he is wont to do. The only trouble here was that we had the man who was most recently chasing after the Cascade Classic Climbers Jersey – Kona Professional Cyclocross Racer Ryan Trebon – in the chase group. It is really amazing to see the differences between recreational (albeit extremely fit and competitive) amateurs and the people who do this for a living.

“What happened to your little friend?” Trebon mentioned with a laugh as we continued upwards. “Try being a framebuilder!” was the jocular response from a rearward bound Ira. The funny thing was that everyone was a bit small next to one of the two part team of Kona riders that, over the past few years have earned the nickname The Twin Towers.

That was it for the big hills, but there was more than enough attacking as the group aimed itself for Portland (with Ryan Thomson giving it a go this time up Springville just to make it hurt some more.) Then it was all fun and games as Trebon regaled us with stories of riding in the mud, racing against our pal Timmy Johnson, and more importantly how much fun it is to ride Cyclocross. As we sat around, we were spotted by Amanda of BackYard Blam. Thanks to everyone for a great ride, and to Mr. Trebon for gracing us with his huge shadow.