Continental Partners: Fi’zi:k

This weekend the first of the 2010 Summer Season rides with the Rapha Continental kicks off with The Tour of the Unknown Coast in Northern California. When the Conti mount up to ride “California’s hardest century” — underneath their backsides, and seen here being used by Steve Francisco as a stretching device, are the best saddles in the industry: Fi’zi:k

A couple of years ago, the Continental riders started the summer campaign on leather saddles. Extreme weather conditions right off the bat made it apparent that leather was not the way to go. At that point we made the switch over to what has been the saddle manufacturer of choice ever since. Custom versions of the Fi’zi:k line have been garnished with pink accents to make the already great looking saddles not only stand out, but also align with the paint schemes that the handmade Continental Bicycles continue to adhere to.

There are three different types of saddles that the Rapha Continental will be using this summer. Interestingly, they are all broken down via riders personal flexibility levels on the Fi’zi:k website. The Arione, and one best suited for more flexible riders is given the animal sign of the snake. While next down the line, the Antares is associated with the Chameleon. And finally the Aliante gets the sign of the Bull. You can see more about the Fi’zi:k Spine Concept on their website.