Bespoked Bristol: The UK Continental

Brunel’s Old Station, a seemingly perfect venue for the UK’s only handbuilt bike show. Now in its second year, the Bristol event is in the heart of a city with both a love of the bicycle and machined artistry (See Isambard Kingdom Brunel, for example). Rapha are proud to be part of this fantastic exhibition and also present a very exciting project for 2012, the UK Continental. The project will feature six of the UK’s finest frame builders, each creating something very special.

Four of the bikes are on display at the show for the duration of the weekend. Rapha will be here to talk bikes and the art of road riding, so if you can venture to Bristol, we urge you to pay a visit. More on the show and the UK Continental soon.

The builders:

• Tom Donhou
• Ricky Feather
• Rourke Cycles
• Robin Mather
• Dave Yates
• Condor Cycles

See a trailer for the forthcoming Continental Australia film, Van Diemen’s Land »