Robin Mather

Photography: Wig Worland | Date:

Robin Mather – Bristol

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Robin is a rising star among British custom builders. Famously combining vintage, English-built machinery with the latest computer techology, the waiting list for his elegant, beautifully finished bikes once ran to three years.

“The craft of bike building is about the overlap between art and engineering. A handmade bicycle is a great canvas for an art project but as a machine it must be safe, functional and durable.

“I believe it’s better to stick with features and construction methods that have been well proven over many years and kilometres. This doesn’t mean I make or aspire to make identical, anonymous bikes. If a manufactured object is the result of a craft-type process, it’s nice to be able to see that craft, to leave evidence of the method of manufacture and even the distinctive style of the individual who manufactured it.”

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