*Hohenstein-Ernstthal/Sachsenring, Germany*

It’s not known if Martin Jahnecke has ever covered a complete train from one end to the other end with Graffiti. But his company EtoE – ‘End to End’ – shares certainly a common passion with the street artists: colour. Since 2007, EtoE designs graphics and executes high-end custom paint jobs next to the famous Sachsenring race circuit.

The Interview

What inspired you to choose a career in design and painting? What does your work mean to you? Is it a job, a passion, an attitude?
I grew up at the Sachsenring race circuit and saw a lot of rich coloured race cars chasing one another directly in front of our garden fence. I was fascinated by the sound, performance and colours of those cars. So I began to draw a lot of cars and race graphics from the age of 5, later I studied art and design. I’m still inspired by the world of racing.

How do you design and execute a paintjob for a bike? What’s important to you in the process and what is it that sets you apart from other designers/painters?
Designing a bike is like rolling a white canvas into a tube and try to create a design on it. The first goal for a designer is: form follows function. My first goal is to highlight the specific shapes of each frame and to give some kind of identity and soul to the frame. For a good paintjob you need high quality colours and coatings to get a durable surface and also a good design that makes a statement and lets the frame stand out from the crowd.

What sets me apart from other painters is the fact that I can paint a portrait by hand in the size of a stamp on a frame. The rest is more or less craftsmanship.

What does the Rapha Continental mean to you?
I am thankful to have the opportunity to paint handcrafted frames in a very traditional way by hand. In times of mass production the Continental gives insights into craftsmanship and individualism.

Tell us about your favourite bike ride.
I’m a car guy and believe it or not I do not have a bike. My favourite rides are the car chases from traffic light to traffic light in the morning on the way to my paint booth.

In our journey to explore the Hidden Europe, where do you think we should go and ride and why?
If you are in Germany a must is to ride along the German Autobahn in a fast car with no speed limit. If you are not into cars, spending a nice day riding your bicycle along the river Elbe in Dresden might be an alternative. Lovely views, lovely town.

What would you do, if you weren’t designing and painting bikes?
I cannot imagine doing something else. Colour is my life. So I think I would definitely do something colourful.

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