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*Ogden/Utah, USA*

The Fibre Specialist

It is fair to say that Jason Schiers knows a lot about those black coal strings that he transforms into high-end bicycle parts: The founder of ENVE Composites and his team have established the company amongst the global elite of carbon fibre tube and component manufacturers. The Rapha Continental bikes use ENVE forks and roll on rims that are proudly made in Ogden/Utah, USA.

The Interview

What inspired you to start ENVE? What does the craft and the material you are using mean to you? Is it a job, a passion, an attitude?
I started ENVE (EDGE) based on a belief. I set out to test the system with my beliefs and approach. What I found was a combination that I feel I understand today better than ever. As with so many things in life…ENVE has been a massive learning experience. It was started and was always meant to be a celebration of a ‘ride life culture’.

Honestly, the material and the craft means everything to me, when I started working in fiber it was like a language that I had a natural gift for. Then as I have formed more experiences with it I realize that we know very little about where it will take us next. It’s an exciting time to be involved with it.

I would describe my involvement in ENVE as ‘Passion and Attitude’. There is a real freedom and peace that is found on pedals and that’s what I am the most driven by.

How do you make your components – a wheel/rim/fork? What’s important to you in the process and what is it that sets you apart from other manufacturers?
Over the many years and experiences, I have been blessed with ideas and discoveries which have culminated in a very unique process used at ENVE. But as with any technology it is forever evolving.
The process is a safely guarded secret around me and the people at ENVE. But I will say that our approach to molding things, free of bonding and secondary operations is a major advantage.

What does the Rapha Continental mean to you and the products you’ve built for us?
To me, ENVE and Rapha have a very similar mission, first to create products that are all about the riding lifestyle without any compromise. The second is to promote that lifestyle in unique ways using the core avenues of our culture.

Tell us about your favourite bike ride.
I don’t know why, if it was something inside me or the time of my life I was introduced to it, but for me nothing touches riding in the sandstone. The surfaces provide opportunities to test yourself like nothing else. Not to mention the scenery carries the same unique values. What can I say I’m a desert rat!

In our journey to explore the Hidden Europe, where do you think we should go and ride and why?
Alps, I am a mountain guy! Need I explain…? Europe is an amazing place covered with more contrast, culture and history than I think one could ever get tired of. Whether it be riding townies through Amsterdam or a week climbing from shoreline to shoreline through the Dolomites in Italy. Anything and everything between is available there, needless to say there are plenty of rides to be had.

What would you do, if you weren’t working at ENVE?
Do to my past, I would definitely be working with troubled youth a bit. I also feel that the products/processes I have created could benefit those living with physical challenges; I would like to explore that as well.
But I will always find a little time to ride a bike.

For more information visit: www.enve.com.

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