Coat Paint Shop


Sacha White on Rapha Continental Paint

Coat is a paint shop created by Sacha White, owner of Vanilla Bicycles. Actually, Coat is the delicious science of color, application, and excellence. From palettes, tools and standards, to reliability, dependability and customer service, Coat was built from the perspective of, and for the frame builder.

“Rapha does a great job of using subtle, rich colors to accentuate their gorgeous design, craftsmanship and materials.”

When approaching the design for the Rapha Continental paint schemes I wanted to bring colors and layout together that reflect the style and grace of the clothing, while showing the depth of craftsmanship from each builder. I also wanted to keep visual continuity from bike to bike so that they appear to be a family of team bikes without losing the unique graphic elements of their respective makers.”

Sacha White

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