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  1. Echoes of Greatness

    Words: Ryan Newill | Photography: Casey B. Gibson | Date:

    On the corner of South 9th and Carey Street in downtown Richmond, two giants of American pro cycling were catching up, straddling their top tubes, still winded from stage 9…

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  2. Rapha 12 Hills Ride

    Words: Karin Tängermark | Photography: Johan Björklund & Henrik Severed | Date:

    On this perfect late-summer’s day, 42 teams of two arrived in Jönköping with one mission: to gather as many of the 12 stamps as possible and return back to the…

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  3. The Ambitious and the Unfortunate

    Words: James Fairbank | Photography: Matt Randall | Date:

    As the racing season evolves so the cast starts to change. Those good and ambitious have moved up, the frantic have burnt themselves out and the unfortunate are dealing with injury. The edges have been taken off individual ambition too: you are rarely the lies you’ve told yourself at the beginning of the year.

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  4. Franc Strazzeri

    Words: | Date:

    Located at the convergence of the Old River Lea, the ‘Hackney Cut’ and the Hertford Union Canal, Franc Strazzeri and his family reside. Franc is second generation Sicilian, born in Canberra, Australia, but a Londoner for over 18 years.

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  5. Festive 500 2014 Winners

    Words: Ed Middleton | Date:

    The fifth year of the Festive 500 saw more riders than ever rising to the challenge of riding 500km on the eight days between 24-31 December. Over 8,000 cyclists successfully completed the challenge and claimed their roundels – proof that cycling achievement lies more in the legs than in the pudding. Many pushed their own limits to ride further than they’d ridden before in an eight day period, while others simply took the opportunity of some time away from work to end the year on a cycling high.

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