City Guides

Due for launch in October, Rapha, in collaboration with publisher Thames & Hudson and design-writing duo Andrew Edwards and Max Leonard, have created a series of jersey-pocket-sized guides to Europe’s most bike-centric cities. Stylish, covetable, locally informed and fun, every guide is illustrated by individual artists to give each book and city a unique aesthetic. With additional maps and functional layouts, the books are easy to navigate to help explore each metropolis by bicycle.

The collection will be presented in an exclusively designed slipcase and features the following eight cities and conurbations, featuring the work of eight illustrators:

• Amsterdam: Joost Stokhof
• Antwerp/ Ghent: Sebastiaan Van Doninck
• Barcelona: Judy Kaufmann
• Berlin: Mikkel Sommer
• Copenhagen: Simon Væth
• London: Henry Mccausland
• Milan: Riccardo Guasco
• Paris: Louis Thomas

Extracts from the London guide


London: a busy, confusing city, both sprawling and congested at the same time and one of the greenest cities in the world, where you can ride for miles through parks and along canals without seeing a car; a succession of characterful villages that are easily navigable – and best discovered – by bike.

Check out Clerkenwell Road, the so-called ‘Hipster Spice Route’, during rush hour for proof of the bicycle boom. Twice a day this main east–west artery is jammed full of cyclists commuting from the eastern boroughs into the centre of town, and back again. More than in any other European city, you’ll see all of cycling’s tribes out to play: skinny-jeaned kids on track bikes, Pashley princesses, bearded guys on tourers and roadies. A big part of the resurgence is down to Londoners embracing cycle sport. At the weekends, Regent’s Park in central London and Richmond Park can seem like hamster wheels for the city’s road cyclists.


Here, you will see five neighbourhoods to explore: Soho and Mayfair, Shoreditch, Borough, Notting Hill, and Hampstead. All are easily accessible by bike, and are full of cafés, bars, galleries, museums, shops and parks. Each area is mapped in detail, and our recommendations for places of interest and where to fuel up on coffee and cake, as well as where to find a Wi-Fi connection, are marked. Take a pootle round on your bike, and see what suits you.