The Dandy


This is the road rider who has ridden in some of the world’s best terrain. He has expensive taste, has a keen sense of aesthetics and likes to enjoy himself. He’s a dandy, and has a substantial selection of Rapha apparel (and accessories). So what do you get this chap?

Rapha Travel »
After a first season of incredible riding trips in France and Italy our expanded selection of journeys for 2014 include routes through Californian Wine Country in spring and Japan in the fall. Book now or forever regret it.

GT Shoes »
But he already has the white ones, you say? We think black are just as handsome, and far better in the colder months when the roads can make white things turn quickly grey. These are the finest road shoes one could ever imagine, and are highly coveted.

Ultimate Classics Bundle »
The name says it all really. So take a look at the page for further details on, what we happily suggest is, the ultimate Rapha gift.