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“Your brain can’t remember pain. Of that I am glad. I don’t miss the pain. I’ll tell you what I miss though, I miss the weather… sweat would drip from my nose on to the white road, snow tingling as it melted on my exposed skin. The world was frozen but I was roaring in flames, as if I was driving an open-top car with the heater on full blast. I was my own nature. I was defiance.”
From The Weather by Rigo Zimmerman

Whether it’s a freezing mountain descent or rain-soaked city streets, Rapha outerwear keeps you riding through all kinds of conditions. But judging the correct piece of outerwear to cover yourself in or pack into your pocket or luggage on a ride can be tricky. Do you know your Softshell from your Hardshell? Your Transfer Gilet from your Hi-Vis Gilet? Here’s our guide.

Hardshell Jacket

Definition: Weatherproof outer shell cut from Rapha’s answer to Gore-Tex.
Conditions: When the conditions get tough – i.e. wet, windy and cold – the tough needn’t be a problem.
Rider: Road riders who know the difference between bad weather and bad clothing.
Wear with: Thermal Bib Shorts or Winter Tights/ Winter Base Layer or Long Sleeve Jersey (In the city: Merino Jersey or Polo/ Rapha Trousers or Jeans).
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Classic Softshell Jacket

Definition: The most versatile cycling jacket in the world.
Conditions: From autumn through to early spring, this jacket keeps core temperature stable. A thoroughbred amongst jackets.
Rider: Road riders, commuters and even mountain bikers.
Wear with: Base layer on mild days, add a long sleeve jersey on top when colder. Also looks just at home with jeans as it does with ¾ bibs.
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Rain Jacket

Definition: Updated this season with taped seams. This is a great lightweight waterproof or emergency layer for rides when you don’t know where the weather will take you.
Conditions: Sudden showers, rides into the mountains, Norwegian weather (it’s also windproof).
Rider: The intrepid road cyclist who needs to ride come rain or shine. Racers, sportivists and cyclo-tourists. But also city commuters.
Wear with: Any kind of Rapha Training & Racing gear or City apparel.
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Hi-Vis Gilet

Definition: Robust and windproof vest for winter rides.
Conditions: From damp city streets at night to frosty country lanes at daybreak.
Rider: The cyclist who wants to be seen, but also stay streamlined and stylish.
Wear with: Lightweight and stretchy enough to be worn over a jersey or jacket.
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Classic Wind Jacket

Definition: Almost on a par with the Classic Softshell in terms of iconic status, this lightweight jacket is another very versatile garment.
Conditions: Wet and windy spring days, when the descent calls for an emergency layer, early morning starts.
Rider: Every road rider should own one of these.
Wear with: Anything from a winter jersey in the colder months to a base layer on warmer days.
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Pro Team Jacket

Definition: A softshell/ brushed back outer layer with the comfort of a jersey and protection of a jacket.
Conditions: Cool to cold.
Rider: Riders who don’t want excess bulk, who ride high tempo and who want the very best money can buy.
Wear with: Pro Team Thermal Bib Shorts, Leg Warmers and Merino Base Layer.
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Pro Team Race Cape

Definition: Originally designed for Team Sky, streamlined protection from precipitation.
Conditions: Wet and windy, sudden showers, deluges and so forth.
Rider: Pro or amateur racers, high tempo riders and weight weenies.
Wear with: Pro Team Jersey (short or long sleeve) Pro Team Bib Shorts (or Thermal).
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City Rain Jacket

Definition: Versatile jacket for everyday cycling and city living.
Conditions: Wet, gritty, city weather. This jacket is extremely water resistant, insulating, windproof and is cut to look good wherever you find yourself.
Rider: From the city riding dandy to the hardcore commuter.
Wear with: Rapha Trousers or Jeans/ any kind of merino mid-layer.
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Transfer Gilet

Definition: A lightweight synthetic down gilet for off-the-bike wear, before races and recovery.
Conditions: Any travelling, warming up/ down, resting, outdoor bike washing, or ‘chilling by the campfire’ should be done in this slimline insulator (you can also commute in it).
Rider: Everyone and anyone needs one of these.
Wear with: On top of race kit with merino hat, or with jeans, Transfer Trousers and merino under layers.
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Lapelled Jacket

Definition: A technical sports jacket that functions admirably on a bike with a deconstructed, minimal aesthetic.
Conditions: Cool to mild to warm. Depending on what you wear with it.
Rider: For the dapper gent who likes his clothes functional as well as stylish.
Wear with: Merino V Neck Base layer, Rapha Shirts, Polos, or T’s.
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