Rapha Cyclocross 2014

越野公路賽對旁觀者而言可能顯得漫無章法,但對勇敢挑戰者而言則深具意義。 在其他訓練中會迫使車手以致命的速度從危險的下坡路段順騎而下,接著又帶領他們以蝸牛般的慢速,吃力地在泥濘中跋涉。 今年冬天,Rapha 的「單車越野公路小劇場」寫真散文集系列將就暫未準備迎接賽事當日盛況的關鍵越野賽地點進行研究。 對車手和觀眾而言,Rapha Super Cross 系列因歐洲、日本、澳洲和美國的賽事再度躍上檯面。 今年第四度穿上 Rapha 色系出賽的選手將是美國全國冠軍 Jeremy Powers。 整個賽季中我們將以賽事報導和專訪關注 Jeremy 的動態。




職業單車越野賽非常激烈,與觀眾的互動如此密切,幾乎可感受車手的疲憊、聽見如擂鼓的心跳以及嘗到奔竄的腎上腺素。 就某方面而言,這是與生活鬥爭的縮影,戲劇化場面層出不窮,隨著運動員全力懷抱希望和恐懼的流逝,劇情也變得越來越緊湊。 瀏覽照片集 »


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    2013 was the year the Rapha Super Cross Series rolled out internationally, bringing the thrills and spills of off-season off-roading to a whole new audience. A little bit of Belgium has now found its way to Australia and Japan, while the vibrant US cross scene also has a Super Cross event all its own. In addition to some top-class racing, there was beer, frites, foam and fancy dress aplenty, with the clanging of cowbells thrown in for good measure. The UK events also saw record numbers of riders and crowds and the photos below showcase the best of the Super Cross story so far, documenting the serious, the silly and everything in between.

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