1. Rapha Festa Della Donna Ride, CCSYD

    文字: Kath Bicknell | 攝影: Ben Cirulis | 日期:

    Bright, friendly chatter flowed out of the Rapha Cycle Club Sydney at dawn. It was upbeat and encouraging on the hills. It became louder on the descents, rising above the wind. If you paused for a moment on the flats, you would realise this chatter surrounded you here as well.

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  2. Different, yet the same

    文字: Matthew Beaudin | 日期:

    For one, it was a graduation gift. A bright red Giant. After a cross-country move, Abby Watson’s bike was her way of getting from A to B. It was how she came to know the city of Portland, Oregon, and how she met friends. As these things go in cycling, Watson ended up racing. “I was aware that people were on nicer bikes than me. That people were wearing more expensive clothes than me… but I found everyone to be super friendly,” she says.

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  3. Joyful & Triumphant: Braver than the Elements

    文字: Matthew Beaudin | 攝影: Kevin Scott Batchelor | 日期:

    “Under skies the color of steel wool, we pedaled into the first folds of the Appalachian mountains, which begin in northeast Alabama. The group was a mixture of new faces and familiar steady wheels, with women representing four states: Alabama, Tennessee, Georgia, and Florida,” remembers Kim Cross, a Rapha ambassador in Alabama. “At some point we crossed over into Georgia. Horses raised their heads as we rolled by. There were dogs, and more dogs, as there are on country roads. Some of them chased us. Some cocked their heads. Along the ridgeline, we could spot both valleys and the miles unspooling behind us.”

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  4. Comfortably Numb – Lindsay Knight on winter riding

    文字: Lindsay Knight | 日期:

    ‘Winter riding’ can mean a great many things depending on your locale and your level of stubbornness. For those in pleasant, sunny environments, I’ve recently discovered that riders consider wind jackets to be cold weather apparel… and yes, I’m calling you out on that Ms. Kelton Wright. For those of us that live in far less welcoming climates, the months between November and March (and sometimes April…or even May) mean one of two things: a mind-numbing number of hours on a trainer, or a physically numbing number of hours on the road.

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