1. Rough roads curdled the milk

    Words: Tobie DePauw | Photography: Andy Bokanev | Date:

    As those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are banishing our winter jerseys to the back of the wardrobe, we thought we’d take the chance to tell the tale of the Rapha Prestige Midwest, which was, by all accounts, a hardy expedition through Wisconsin’s worst wind, rain and terrain.

    For those of you hearing about a Prestige for the first time, here’s a quick recap: teams set off at two-minute intervals to cover a course of 120 miles and 10,000 feet of climbing, and each team must cross the line with its full complement of riders in order to count as true ‘finishers’.

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  2. The Legwork in Liège

    Words: Harry Dowdney | Date:

    The view from within a bike race is a privileged position; one that us fans rarely get to enjoy. Whether having ridden them, or from behind the wheel of the team car, the Team Sky directeur sportifs have an unrivalled understanding of what the biggest races are really like.

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  3. Hell Of The North VII

    Words: Rapha | Date:

    For this year’s ride on Sunday 10th April, we have scoured the countryside to find ever more paths to pound the pedals on, and the parcours features 19 new sectors waiting to challenge you. Enjoy the typical HOTN bonhomie between the riders along the way, and finish in time to watch the pros race the real thing in France at the pub.

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  4. Sixteen For 2016

    Words: | Date:

    It’s time once more where, as road riders, we prepare for the approaching season and set goals for the New Year. My goal in 2016 is 50 momentous rides, to celebrate my 50th year. Here at Rapha I encourage all employees to set riding targets, to have one or more things in the crosshairs to help better their riding and racing. Every New Year I also like to look ahead to what Rapha as a company has in its sights; the products we will launch, the events we will host and the places we will travel to. Back in 2008 it was easier, I thought, to compile such a list. I supposed this year it would be much tougher, but it wasn’t. We have some amazing things in store for 2016, from new Cycle Clubs to watching the Tour on Mt. Ventoux. Everyone is, of course, invited to join the ride. From all of us at Rapha, happy New Year and strong riding in 2016.

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  5. Super Cross series UK: War of the Roses

    Words: James Booth | Photography: Jack Chevell | Date:

    The first two rounds of the 2015 Rapha Super Cross series UK took place at the grand location of Shibden Hall, Yorkshire, over the weekend of 17th – 18th October. Dating back to the 1400s, this private estate turned public park in Halifax served as a picture-perfect background for the beginning of this year’s Super Cross series UK, and welcomed more than 1,000 riders onto a world-class cross course throughout the weekend.

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  6. Super Cross München

    Words: Frank van der Sman | Date:

    For the second year, the Rapha Super Cross Series visits the iconic Olympiapark in Munich. Organised alongside Munich’s oldest cycling club, RC “Die Schwalben” 1894, Rapha Super Cross Munich occupies sacred cyclocross ground. The 1985 and 1997 UCI Cyclocross World Championships were held on these tracks, and is considered holy to many. For those fortunate enough to be riding, beautiful autumn weather combined with a challenging yet entertaining course.

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  7. Prestige Taiwan

    Words: | Date:

    如往常一般,微涼且雲霧繚繞的清晨六點,但就在一陣陣的棘輪聲劃破了這寂靜。是的,今天將有一場精采的騎乘活動就在不到一個小時的行前說明與檢查車況後就此展開。 這是我們第二次在台灣舉辦的Prestige活動,第一次我們在北臺灣舉辦,台灣是個狹長的島嶼,它的地貌也是南北迥異,北部被環山包圍;南部則是多丘陵。因此這次Prestige我們特別選定南臺灣。希望可以讓其他地區的車友一個可以在南台灣騎車的體驗與挑戰。 但可別以為丘陵地就不會有挑戰性,這次的場地設定溫泉小鎮 關子嶺為起點與終點,騎乘範圍涵蓋了西拉雅國家風景區,總距離約130公里,總爬升近3,000公尺。 這次的活動也吸引了許多國外的車友,除了來自香港、泰國與新加坡之外,甚至遠從澳洲也報名組隊來共襄盛舉。最後共挑選出十七隊參與今年的挑戰,同時這場活動也同時是Mobile Cycle Club Taiwan第一次的初登場。我們在出發點提供所有參賽選手咖啡,讓他們利用咖啡因喚醒他們的雙腳。隨著活動時間地靠近,雲霧也慢慢散去。我們採用每三分鐘放行一隊的管制。選手們在聽完簡報與補充完咖啡因後,互相打氣就依序出發揭序了今年的Prestige 台灣場。 第一個檢查站在路程的31公里處,這段路線就是澐水公路到阿婆灣,因為是比賽剛開始,選手的體力充沛也因為太陽還沒露臉,所以大家在這20公里的爬坡段都掌握得很好。團隊也都維持在一起。第二個檢查哨位於總路程的73公里曾文水庫大壩,這段路程屬於上下交錯的典型南台灣丘陵地形,再加上陽光露臉溫度急遽攀升,團隊行進就開始分散,速度快的選手也都在此補給等候其他隊友到齊,比賽到此,隊跟隊的差距也慢慢拉開。第三個檢查哨位於103公里,這時候已進入比賽的後半段,我們將檢查哨設在橫路上的仙宮廟,坡度大約8-15%交錯約四公里的爬升。在進入橫路後,其實你一定會在心裡暗自咒罵這是甚麼鬼路線!但其實最精采的還在後頭,Prestige怎麼可能讓大家以下滑做為比賽的句點呢? 我們精心安排了一個完美詮釋Prestige精神的加碼機制,我們需要各隊拍攝一張全隊與關子嶺著名景點”水火同源”的合照。然後全隊完成最後也最讓人視覺震撼的關子嶺天梯路段結束今年的活動。 恭喜完成的各位選手。十七隊參賽,除了一隊因為走錯路棄賽外,其餘皆順利完成。我們明年再見!

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  8. #MYHOUR

    Words: | Date:

    “I like the idea of challenging myself and want to motivate people to do the same – so why not get your bike out of the shed and do your own hour?”
    – Sir Bradley Wiggins

    On Sunday 7th June, Sir Bradley Wiggins will make his bid for the UCI hour record at the Lee Valley VeloPark in London. The distance to beat, 52:49km, was set by Australia’s Rohan Dennis in February this year.

    In support of Wiggo’s attempt at the hour record, Rapha and Sir Brad are inviting everyone to ride their own ‘hour’ in the week preceding Wiggins’ attempt, and share the details of your efforts using the hashtag #MYHOUR. This isn’t about speed. Rather, it’s about the cumulative effort of hundreds of thousands of cyclists around the world, demonstrating to Sir Brad that he’s got countless fellow riders pulling for him. There will also be a dedicated Strava challenge, providing another way to record your distance.

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  9. Ride report: Rapha’s Hell of the North VI

    Words: Joe Delves | Photography: Jonny Hines | Date:

    A record 350 cyclists rode Rapha’s sixth annual Hell of the North this Sunday 12 April, and Bikes Etc magazine journalist Joe Delves was there to tackle it for the first time. On a freshly tweaked 100km course, featuring two new gravé offroad sectors and a train line crossing, the riders could enjoy a feed stop and a few laps at Gosling Park velodrome, as well as over 700 well-deserved pints and Belgian frites at the finish line in the pub.

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  10. Hell of the North VI

    Words: | Date:

    Join us for another blistering tribute to the Paris-Roubaix – 100km of potholes, mud, and some of Hertfordshire’s meanest gravé*. Starting in Pond Square in Highgate, this year’s edition will yet again pitch riders against a testing parcours in the lanes above London before heading back to watch the race proper.

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  11. Super Cross Sydney Report

    Words: Danny ‘Danger’ James | Photography: Beardy McBeard | Date:

    What makes a great sequel? Is it a simple case of bigger is better, or is it something less tangible? Is it a deepening of the story, the characters, or something unexpected? Whatever the case, sophomoric efforts will always be judged in a harsher light than their freshmen counterparts – for good reason.

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  12. Rapha Super Cross UK Wrap-up

    Words: Kati Jagger | Photography: Johnny Hines | Date:

    The final round of the UK Rapha Super Cross series took place on Saturday 25th October at London’s Alexandra Palace, with a full day of racing that saw novices and fancy dress fanatics negotiate a foam-filled course in the Fun category, whilst Seniors, Vets, and Youth races took in the mud and off-camber turns, jumps and steep ascents in four rounds of muddy chaos. The series saw more than 1000 racers taking part, a new record.

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  13. Rapha Super Cross Munich

    Words: Ricky Buckenlei | Photography: Sebastian Schels | Date:

    Last Sunday the inaugural Super Cross on the European Continent took place in Munich with the support from one of the oldest cycling clubs in the city, RC “Die Schwalben” 1894 München. Situated at the Olympiapark, the iconic setting featured the track that staged both the 1985 and 1997 UCI Cyclocross World Championships.

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  14. Rapha Super Cross Gloucester

    Words: | Photography: Andy Bokanev | Date:

    This week in the New England Fall has become known as North American Cyclocross’ Holy Week. With the Providence Cyclocross festival in Rhode Island and the quirky, but well attended Night Weasels race in Shrewsbury, MA, rounding out the Holy Trinity is last weekend’s Rapha Super Cross Gloucester.

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