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  1. What We Found On The Road Together

    文字: Drew Ginn | 攝影: Andrew Clifforth | 日期:

    Three-time Olympic Gold Medallist rower Drew Ginn recently participated in The Fleche Opperman ‘The Oppy’, a 24-hour team time trial event held annually by Audax Australia.. Competing with Team Brevet, and wearing Rapha’s long-distance inspired Brevet Jersey and Gilet, the team of five was aiming to help break the 24-hour Audax record commencing from South Australia. The following is his personal account of a day at ‘The Oppy’.

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  2. Oki Tatsuya

    文字: Lee Basford | 攝影: Lee Basford | 日期:

    To call Oki Tatsuya a bicycle messenger doesn’t really do justice to a man who’s been at the heart of Tokyo’s urban bike scene since the end of the nineties. Lee Basford caught up with him late one night in Tokyo.

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  3. On the road again: Tillie and Wilcox

    文字: Matthew Beaudin | 攝影: Jordan Reid | 日期:

    In 1891, a young woman named Tillie Anderson emigrated to the United States from Sweden. She was 14, and without a father, who had died when Anderson was eight. She worked as a seamstress in Chicago, and in two years she saved enough money to buy a “racing bicycle.”

    That young woman entered 130 races, of which she won 123.

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  4. How The Race Was Worn: Tirreno-Adriatico Stage 5

    文字: Ian Fleck | 攝影: Graham Watson | 日期:

    Epic conditions on stage five of Tirreno-Adriatico, tested mind, mettle and performance fabrics on Sunday. The Terminillo climb (1600m) and the blizzard that engulfed it meant that riders had to cope with -1°C on a day that blew the General Classification wide open. Despite freezing conditions, some riders braved it with fingerless gloves – and we salute you. Ian Stannard could be seen sporting Rapha Pro Team Softshell Arm and Knee Warmers which are new for this season, and specifically designed to keep riders warm and dry when the weather turns foul. No better time to put our racewear for testing conditions to the absolute test.

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  5. Reason to Ride

    文字: Graham Hutson | 日期:

    Graham Hutson is editor of The Times On Your Bike cycling page.

    You know you’re in trouble when you start asking yourself “what is the point?” This applies to life in general, but has a particular significance in cycling because when it boils down to it, you’ll actually find it a difficult question to answer.

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  6. July in March: The yellow-jersey contenders emerge for Tirreno-Adriatico

    文字: Matthew Beaudin | 日期:

    Nibali, Quintana, Contador, Sagan, Cancellara, Cavendish. The start-list of Tirreno-Adriatico reads as if it were that of the Tour.

    La Grande Boucle is the big show, the lighthouse of the season, but outside the Tour de France, the fortunes of races rise and fall from year to year. There was a time when the Vuelta a España was withering on the vine, the Giro, too. Now, il Giro is the tempestuous and beautiful darling of the press and fans (riders love and hate it at the same time); the Vuelta is a blistering preparation for the World Championships, as it has been for some time, but the shark-toothed profiles keep everyone interested in the red shirt at stake.

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  7. Rapha Festa Della Donna Ride, CCSYD

    文字: Kath Bicknell | 攝影: Ben Cirulis | 日期:

    Bright, friendly chatter flowed out of the Rapha Cycle Club Sydney at dawn. It was upbeat and encouraging on the hills. It became louder on the descents, rising above the wind. If you paused for a moment on the flats, you would realise this chatter surrounded you here as well.

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  8. Different, yet the same

    文字: Matthew Beaudin | 日期:

    For one, it was a graduation gift. A bright red Giant. After a cross-country move, Abby Watson’s bike was her way of getting from A to B. It was how she came to know the city of Portland, Oregon, and how she met friends. As these things go in cycling, Watson ended up racing. “I was aware that people were on nicer bikes than me. That people were wearing more expensive clothes than me… but I found everyone to be super friendly,” she says.

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