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  1. Panache Awards 2015

    文字: Simon Mottram | 攝影: Watson & Offside | 日期:

    Panache has become somewhat of a four letter word and even considered a touch hackneyed by parts of the cycling media. At Rapha, we believe it’s what makes road racing the most exciting sport in the world. Panache means cunning, guile, bravery and skill, not just legs of steel and the lungs of a whale. This season was sometimes spectacular, from the wind-lashed cobbles of Belgium to the shimmering tarmac of the Pyrenees, we witnessed moments of exceptional bike racing. And so, to salute the season that was, we’ve asked some friends of Rapha to nominate their favourite exploits of the last year to help us compile a shortlist of the best panache of 2015.

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  2. The Book of Cross: Chapter One

    文字: Joe Hall & James Booth | 日期:

    Jeremy Powers is back with an all new video project, The Book of Cross, produced by Motofish. Never shy to face the camera and speak his mind, this is a follow up to his popular documentary series Behind the Barriers. Chapter One is a look at Cross Vegas 2015, which this season became a UCI World Cup race, the first to be held in the USA and the first ever to be held outside Europe.

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  3. Unpaved and unrelenting

    文字: Herbie Sykes | 日期:

    Valetti and Bartali under a blizzard on the Rolle, 1939. Coppi’s ambush of Koblet on the Stelvio in ’53. Then Massignan and Gaul, Coletto, Nencini and Anquetil on the Gavia in 1960, arguably the greatest of them all. Arguably the murkiest was Gimondi, seven years later. When he went on the Passo Tonale the rest – the “holy alliance” of Motta and Balmamion, Anquetil and Aimar – simply sat up. The fiftieth anniversary Giro had its Italian winner after all, as Salvarani won what amounted to a sealed bids auction. Merckx in extremis on Tre Cime, De Muynck smashed to pieces on the Zambla.

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  4. Prestige Oslo: Hell of the far north

    文字: Harry Dowdney | 日期:

    Rapha’s Oslo Prestige was ridden in tempestuous conditions this Saturday 16th May, with freezing cold gales and rain blasting the participants throughout. Undeterred, each of the 26 teams of four managed to get members to the finish line of the unsupported and unmarshalled adventure.

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  5. Cycling in the City

    文字: Molly Ritterbeck | 攝影: Molly Ritterbeck | 日期:

    It’s hard to argue with the belief that cycling is one of the best ways to get around a big city. In recent years, bike commuting has spiked 62 percent in the US, and a whopping 105 percent in the largest cities, according to the nonprofit organization The League of American Bicyclists.

    But sometimes, commuting by bike isn’t as easy as, well, riding a bike – so we’ve tapped the collective knowledge of a crew of commuters from big cities near and far, asking for their top tips and lessons learned. Hopefully this short guide will help make your two-wheeled commute safe, stylish, and most of all, fun.

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  6. From the Golden Gate to the Sierras

    文字: Matthew Beaudin | 攝影: Fred Kornahrens | 日期:

    In the aged photographs of Fred Kornahrens, we see the halcyon days of road racing in Northern California, a hotbed of American cycling in an amateur era. Yes, Mt. Tam is hailed as the birthplace of mountain biking, but the San Francisco area always had a heavy road presence as well. Kornahrens’ photography, part of a new exhibit at the Rapha Cycle Club San Francisco (CCSFC) looks at the club racers and cycling culture of the time. Rapha caught up with Kornahrens for an interview.

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  7. Golden State

    文字: Matthew Beaudin | 攝影: Ben Ingham / John Watson | 日期:

    Next week, the peloton heads West to California, for the 2015 running of the Amgen Tour of California, a race that slots in a peg below a grand tour but capitalizes on the Golden State’s cultural capital, weather, a favourable parcours, and timing during the race calendar to draw attention and some of the bunch’s best sprinters and GC riders.

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