On Sunday 26th July 2015, join thousands of women around the world to ride 100km. A global event, ride on your own or join one of the organised rides. Rides will be taking place everywhere, including several led by Rapha. Over 8,000 women took part in 2014 — this year we're aiming to double that number.

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“It is not my fair weather alternative to spin class or working out in a gym. It’s not just exercise. I ride because I love it. I strive to improve, explore, and push myself further. I’m not alone in this. I ride with strong and beautiful women who never cease to amaze and motivate me. We are cyclists and we love what we do. So what if we’re women? When I’m on my bike, I’m a cyclist and I don’t need an alias.” Abby Watson

How to get involved

Riders that complete the #womens100 Challenge will receive a woven badge to commemorate their achievement.

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    From the Rapha blog

  1. Priscilla Calderon: A Bigger Win

    Words: Matthew Beaudin | Photography: Emily Maye | Date:

    Priscilla Calderon was recently photographed for the Rapha Women’s range. She works at a bike shop a few shifts a week, and goes to dental hygienist school. She is a Cat. 1 bike racer on the brink, as she’s recently signed on with a small pro team in Los Angeles, California, named La Sweat. She wakes up to ride at 5am or churns the trainer after work, if that’s all time allows.

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  2. Souplesse

    Words: | Date:

    Souplesse – French for suppleness – has been appropriated into the cycling lexicon to describe the perfect pedal stroke; that fluid cadence we all strive for, but rarely achieve. To pedal avec souplesse is to spin without thrashing, dance without stumbling; it is to look entirely natural on a bicycle.

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  3. Rapha Festa Della Donna Ride, CCSYD

    Words: Kath Bicknell | Photography: Ben Cirulis | Date:

    Bright, friendly chatter flowed out of the Rapha Cycle Club Sydney at dawn. It was upbeat and encouraging on the hills. It became louder on the descents, rising above the wind. If you paused for a moment on the flats, you would realise this chatter surrounded you here as well.

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