On Sunday 20th July 2014, Rapha challenged women around the world to ride 100km, wherever they were. Thousands took part in this shared experience, and what is fast becoming a global movement.

Thank you to all those who contributed, either by riding 100km on the day, or by helping to organise one of 350-plus local rides. We would especially like to congratulate all those who managed to complete the 100km, and hope you continue to ride and further challenge yourselves.

Use the #womens100 tag on Instagram or Twitter to keep sharing highlights from your ride, and to see how the rest of the world participated. You can also send your experiences, stories, photos, or films to womens100@rapha.cc and we’ll share as many as we can.

If you participated but have not yet registered, please do so below, so we can add you to our total.

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“It is not my fair weather alternative to spin class or working out in a gym. It’s not just exercise. I ride because I love it. I strive to improve, explore, and push myself further. I’m not alone in this. I ride with strong and beautiful women who never cease to amaze and motivate me. We are cyclists and we love what we do. So what if we’re women? When I’m on my bike, I’m a cyclist and I don’t need an alias.” Abby Watson

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