rapha women’s 100 – 23rd july

Ride together

Wherever you are, share your love of the road by joining women worldwide as we ride 100km in a celebration of cycling community. We ride together.

The Rapha Women’s 100 is a celebration of cycling community and collective spirit among riders across the globe. Since its inception, the Women’s 100 has inspired cyclists across the world to come together and ride 100km on the same day. Over 8,000 women took part last year – we’d love even more of you to join us this year. All finishers receive a special commemorative roundel.

Let us know you are riding on Sunday, 23rd July to receive inspiring articles on training and nutrition, and invaluable advice from professional female riders.

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Women's 100

Introducing the Women’s 100 collection. A new collection for training and riding together, helping you recognise fellow W100 riders on the road.

We ride together.

Whether you live near one of our Clubhouses or not, there are many rides to join. For those who have never ridden the distance before, Women’s 100 is a chance to expand your horizons. For seasoned riders it offers an opportunity to share riding experience, encourage others and break boundaries. More rides will be added in the coming week, let us know you are riding and encourage your friends to join you.

Whether you are riding with others or planning your own route, do one thing on Sunday, 23rd July - ride together.


Asia Pacific




United Kingdom & Ireland

United States & Canada

Rest of the World

On Sunday, 23rd July Women’s 100 rides will be taking place all round the world. If you can’t find a Women’s 100 ride near you, or if your local ride is fully booked, why not plan your own? Whether it’s you on your own or a whole group of friends, we ride together.

Planning a ride is easy. Plot your route, plan your roll out time, and share it with friends and fellow riders online. Read on for some tips on planning your ride.

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1. If you’re going to be leading a ride, for your peace of mind and ours, we would recommend that you – or someone in your group – is first aid trained. That way, should there be an incident, you’ll be prepared.

2. If you’re inviting others who don’t know the route, consider briefing them on the route in advance. Think of anything they might need to know in advance, such as hard climbs, fast descents, hidden corners or dangerous junctions. If you have beginners, it’s a good idea to let the group know when a climb is coming up and then wait at the top for everyone to regroup. Remember – we ride together.

3. As a rule of thumb when inviting others, we suggest a maximum group size of fifteen. That’s not to say that larger groups are out of the question, but anything larger and you might want to consider getting help from someone else who knows your route. Two rider leaders means there’s one on the front and another at the back, keeping the group together. If you’re going to be leading beginners, think about a smaller group of around eight riders.

4. It’s a good idea to to collect contact and emergency contact details for every rider who might be joining you. If the group is split it means you can stay in touch, and in case of an incident you’ll have ICE details. To speed things up on the day, it’s a good idea to gather these in advance.

5. Before your ride it can be useful to contact each member of your group, especially for beginners, with details of the route and any pre-ride information. This can include suggested clothing, advice about nutrition, and details of the route itself, not to mention the location of the all important coffee stop.

6. For our club rides, wearing a helmet is compulsory. Some riders may not want to – there’s no law in the UK to say you have to – but it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

7. We also don’t allow tri bars or singlespeeds on Clubhouse rides. This is for the comfort and safety of all riders. They’re no drop rides – it’s not a training ride, nor is it an easy undertaking.

8. Every rider who takes part in the Women’s 100 will receive a commemorative roundel. Remind your riders to claim theirs at www.rapha.cc/womens100.

The first rides began in the east, with women in Japan, Korea and Thailand kick starting the day. As these riders rolled past the 100km mark the baton was passed west across the globe and another ride began. In all, there were over 240 Women’s 100 rides in 40 different countries around the world.

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