On Sunday 26th July 2015, thousands of women around the world rode 100km as part of the Rapha Women’s 100. A global event, rides took place everywhere, with women riding on their own or as part of rides organised by Rapha.

Congratulations to all those that took part. If you successfully rode 100km, register below by 2nd August to receive a free woven roundel to commemorate your achievement.

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“It is not my fair weather alternative to spin class or working out in a gym. It’s not just exercise. I ride because I love it. I strive to improve, explore, and push myself further. I’m not alone in this. I ride with strong and beautiful women who never cease to amaze and motivate me. We are cyclists and we love what we do. So what if we’re women? When I’m on my bike, I’m a cyclist and I don’t need an alias.” Abby Watson

    From the Rapha blog

  1. Fast, strong, capable

    Words: Kelton Wright | Photography: Laura Austin | Date:

    I ride alone more than not. I like the empty space on the road, in the silence, in my head. I like to suffer without encouragement and without judgment. But…

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