23rd July

The Rapha Women’s 100 is a display of collective spirit amongst women cyclists around the world. Since its inception, in 2013, the Women’s 100 has inspired women around the world, to come together to ride 100km all on the same day.

For those who have never ridden the full distance before it is a chance to soar to new heights. For seasoned riders it offers the opportunity to encourage others and to break boundaries too - some have doubled or trebled the distance, others have made their day extra special with creative off-road routes and even a marriage proposal.

Above all, the Women’s 100 is a celebration of the joy of riding a bicycle, and the togetherness that it brings. Join us on 23rd July.

In Pictures

In 2016 more than 8000 women from 40 countries around the world took part in the Women’s 100. Here is a selection of pictures from the day.

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