11,000 stories from the Women’s 100

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“I have blown myself away by doing this. I can barely stand up now, but I’m ecstatic”
Lisa Winther, who didn’t own a bike until two months before the challenge.

With more than 11,000 #womens100 posts on Instagram and Twitter, we’ve heard an enormous number of stories from all corners of the world. For some riders it’s a typical Sunday out on the road, for some it’s a fresh challenge and introduction to endurance riding. No matter what your story is, we hope you’ve found new fellow riders to help keep you out on the road this summer and to brave the colder months with — the Festive 500 is not too far off, and there are the Rapha Super Cross races to keep you on the bike until then. Our Rapha Cycle Clubs will be hosting regular rides throughout the coming seasons to help motivate and encourage you to love the winter.

Aside from the review in our infographic, we’d like to call out some stories from around the world. There’s the group of women in Dubai who rode their 100km at night on a race track in order to avoid the desert’s 40°C heat, the group of women from Guernsey who decided to form their own club off the back of their Women’s 100 ride, the ride across New Zealand’s Waikato region in near-freezing conditions that included a couple of fence-hoppings, and a ride in the UK that included an impromptu cyclocross skills clinic from Claire Beaumont when the route took an unexpected turn across Epsom race course. Hats off to those who completed the challenge during Ramadan, adding a further level of difficulty to their challenge.

We’ve received an overwhelming number of stories from participants and hope to be sharing some of these in the next few weeks.

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  • Pinkers

    A great concept for all cyclists….inc. the men who can’t read. My second Women’s100 and this time I made it up Box Hill. How about 20% off the lovely soupless jersey as a reward?

  • We had such a great day even though we started in roasting hot weather and ended up in thunderstorms; riding up climbs with rivers in the road washing rocks in front of us. We had about 8 punctures in the group but all made it 150km to Whitstable for our reward in the chip shop!

    Roll on next year! :)

  • Meagan Coates

    Our Madison, Wisconsin ride was stunning and just a perfect day. So glad to celebrate women who ride!

  • Linda Denty

    We had 10 intrepid souls on our ride which we started at 6.30am in Rockhampton, Queensland, Australia. It’s winter here and even though we live in Sunny Queensland, it was minus 1 degree in some of the hollows and 4-6 degrees C for the first two hours of the ride. We split it into three sections with two coffee stops which was great for those who hadn’t ridden that distance before and to help us warm up! Fantastic day and great camaraderie amongst the girls. Great idea!

  • Lucy Jay

    This is such a great idea. We had a small group and chose a route we wanted to explore. Great day out and the weather was marvellous.

  • Han Ghazi

    A great one for me and my friends here in Malaysia. It was Ramadan, so training has been a challenge.. did midnight ride instead..m but will do it again next year, definitely!!

  • Diana Higman

    my daughter and I did the Rapha 100 Jess’s 1st time on a road bike and clipped in she was a trooper and completed the challenge, cant get her off the bike now ;)

  • Slong Ooi

    Bravo for all the finisher!