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Thank you! You have successfully registered for a woven roundel. All roundels will be sent out shortly after 13th August.

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  • Ross Stralia

    Now that was challenging…. not easy to fit in that much volume in between a new baby and work!

  • Ryan Corbyn

    Enjoyed the challenge. It was all for the badge!

  • Enrique Lobito

    I have just completed the Rapha Rising challenge, how do I go about claiming my badge/patch? I’m the winner by country (México) for 2013 and 2014! How do I get my Patch?

  • Bogdan C.

    Nice challenge. See you next year!

  • Felício Borges

    Amigos, como faço para registrar meu endereço e requerer meu premio do rapha rising ??

  • Tommy

    awesome challenge! good thing i was working nights easier to fit all the rides

  • Carlo

    Thanks !

  • Maciej

    Hey everyone – is there any confirmation email, just to be sure I’m registered? There was a glitch on my computer and I think I send a form twice – or none at all.

  • Patrick Hurley

    Spent the week in the Pyrenees doing the Etape and following the tdf, once in a lifetime chance to do so much climbing in such a short period of time!

  • Tuna

    Well without this competition i would have never climbed so much. Wonderfull and challenging and so much sick riders like me :)

  • James Burrow

    Thanks #rapha – rapha rising was a brilliant challenge, got me riding everyday :)

  • Antonio Ruiz

    Rapha Rising got me riding EVERYDAY! Thank you!

  • Andrew Platten

    Second challenge completed with a broken toe are you telling me something !

  • Paul Sergeant

    A week in the Pyrenees made an ideal opportunity. Going down with shingles made the challenge a little harder…

  • Luiz C. Assis Jr.

    Fantastic! I cycled in the mantiqueira range, one of the beautiful places of Brazil to be able to win this challenge. (Fantástico! Eu pedalei na serra da mantiqueira, um dos belos lugares mais altos do Brasil para conseguir vencer este desafio!)

  • Kurt Cornell

    Added 2 mph to my flatland tempo

  • Ingvard Frøyland

    Spent some days at the coast flatland and had to retract back to the valleys to find climb challenges. Got some fantastic rides in a very good summertime here

  • Andre

    Pretty hard for me in northern Germany, but finished with 4 rides :-)

  • Jared Fontaine

    So we actually get a woven badge? That is so cool! I will cherish it for the rest of my life!!! It is one of the best gifts ever!

  • Andy Williams

    I was late to register for the roundel, but I hope that you can still send me one. I love this challenge since it is much easier to do than ones that require distance living in a mountainous region of Japan. I’ve completed the challenge every year for the last three years so I would like to continue my collection. please please please please please please please please please please please please please