Rapha Retreats are the ultimate in cycling escapes – based in stunning locations, with exceptional food and drink and relaxed schedules that allow our guests to ride at their own pace. Get in as much challenging riding as you want, and then indulge and unwind with excellent food, drink and great company. Daily group rides are led by our guides and routes are provided for the days you want to ride solo. Our experienced mechanics and soigneurs are on hand to look after your bike and body, aiding your recovery and relaxation. Non-riding companions are welcome to enjoy the Retreats, with plenty of activities and entertainment offered.

  • Groups of 12 to 18 riders
  • Accommodation on private estates in beautiful locations
  • Local art and culture
  • Activities for non-riding partners and guests
  • Signature Rapha Support
  • Pro-level bike and group set
  • Ride guides, mechanic and soigneur support
  • Massage and laundry
  • All meals and ride nutrition
  • Jaguar support cars

Upcoming Rapha Retreats 2015

Dates Difficulty Destination
11th - 16th October 2015▲△△△ ModeratoRapha Retreat Le Grand Banc

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Rapha travel difficulty scale

▲△△△ Moderato

Intended for riders seeking leisure, scenery and culture. Expect to move through exquisite landscapes at a comfortable pace. However, every rider embarking on a trip with Rapha Travel should be an experienced road-bike rider and at ease in the saddle for the better part of a morning or afternoon.

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▲▲△△ Allegretto

These rides move at a brisk-yet-manageable pace and include more rolling climbs and some mountain passes, providing an active trip without forcing a decent club cyclist out of his or her comfort zone.

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▲▲▲△ Allegro

Suited for the avid cyclist, comfortable with climbing for extended periods of time and riding hard on the flats. It’s recommended that riders have maintained sustained training and a fairly high mileage in preparation for one of these trips.

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▲▲▲▲ Ultimo

Reserved for riders with considerable fitness and endurance. These formidable rides feature steep grades and a pace set to challenge any rider mentally and physically.  We recommend that someone is capable of receiving the Gold award on a typical Sportive.  Those who haven’t put in their time in the saddle will be found out quickly.

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For me every bike ride is a form of therapy, a precious sanctuary from the stresses and strains of normal life. Even as little as an hour on the bike can leave me calmer, clearer headed and more positive, as well as fitter and stronger for the next ride. So you can imagine how much better I feel after a long weekend or full week of riding.

It is this idea of ‘riding as therapy’ that inspired us to create Rapha Retreats. Training camps have existed for as long as road racing and are popular with many riders. But they have never quite worked for me. My time is precious and I want all the benefits of long rides, but without the spartan accommodation, endless buffets and ascetic surroundings that characterise many training camps.

Instead, Rapha Retreats have been designed to refresh you on every level, from expertly guided challenging daily rides to beautiful surroundings and faultless service and food, cultural distractions and pro level riding support. Not only will you leave the retreat a stronger rider, you will feel rejuvenated and refocused as well, ready to take on anything that your rides or life can throw at you.

I hope you can join me on one of our Retreats this year.


Simon Mottram
Founder and CEO