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The ride of a lifetime

Rapha Travel offers once in a lifetime cycling journeys on the greatest roads of Europe, Japan and the United States. From Randonnées, week-long adventures along classic routes, to the ultimate endurance test of 100 summits in ten days at the Cent Cols Challenge or relax at a slower pace of life and indulge on our Rapha Retreats. Experience the greatest journeys by road bike in 2015.

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Our Trip styles


Classic routes and inspiring journeys

Inspired by the classic brevets of Europe, Randonnées are point-to-point rides run over seven days. This season we will be journeying through Europe, the US and Japan. Averaging 130km of mountainous riding per day, our Randonnées are fully supported by soigneurs, mechanics, guides and drivers. Rapha Randonneurs will explore the landscape and culture of their host region, ride challenging terrain and experience the ca- maraderie of these exceptional adventures.

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Unpack, ride, escape 

We have chosen some of the world’s most spectacular riding locations for our Rapha Retreats. These are not training camps: discussions of VO2 max tests and lactate thresholds will be left to others. Rather, we focus on riding as hard as your ability allows and immersing yourself in the landscape, with handpicked accommodation, routes crafted by experienced guides, and just the right helping of food, wine and culture.

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Cent Cols Challenge

100 cols in 10 days

Created and run in association with endurance rider Phil Deeker, the Cent Cols Challenge sees riders average 200km daily, with approximately 4,500m of climbing each day. Held variously in the Alps, Pyrenees, Cantabrico and Corsica, each Challenge combines routes and climbs from the grand tours with lesser-known gems to deliver an incredibly tough but unforgettable experience.

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Ultimate custom cycling experience

Rapha Travel’s bespoke departures are tailored to the needs and tastes of riders. Each trip is unique, and so could be a re-imagined classic in one of Europe’s iconic destinations, or a new adventure on unknown roads. On a bespoke trip, riders will experience Rapha Travel’s signature support, including a professional-level mechanic, soigneur and follow car. Off the bike, guests will experience the finest food and accommodation their chosen region has to offer.

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Traveller Info

Rapha Travel line-up

Dates Type Difficulty Destination
19th - 26th April 2015Randonnée▲▲▲△ AllegroRandonnée Los Angeles to San Diego
3rd - 9th May 2015Randonnée▲▲△△ AllegrettoRandonnée Corsica
17th - 22nd May 2015Retreat▲△△△ ModeratoRapha Retreat Tuscany
18th - 28th May 2015Cent Cols Challenge▲▲▲▲ UltimoCent Cols Challenge Corsica
1st - 6th June 2015Retreat▲▲△△ AllegrettoRapha Performance Retreat with Rod Ellingworth
3rd - 8th June 2015BespokeQuintessentially Foundation + Rapha Alpes-Maritimes Challenge
6th - 16th June 2015Cent Cols Challenge▲▲▲▲ UltimoCent Cols Challenge Southern Alps
14th - 21st June 2015Randonnée▲▲▲△ AllegroRandonnée Massif Central
21st - 28th June 2015Randonnée▲▲△△ AllegrettoRandonnée Alps
28th Jun - 5th July 2015Randonnée▲▲△△ AllegrettoRandonnée Dolomites
26th - 31st July 2015Randonnée▲▲△△ AllegrettoRandonnée San Francisco to Santa Barbara
26th Jul - 2nd August 2015Randonnée▲▲△△ AllegrettoRandonnée Pyrenees – Direction Atlantique
2nd - 9th August 2015Randonnée▲▲▲△ AllegroRandonnée+ Switzerland
8th - 18th August 2015Randonnée▲▲▲△ AllegroRandonnée Portland to San Francisco
16th - 23rd August 2015Randonnée▲▲△△ AllegrettoRandonnée Dolomites
22nd Aug - 1st September 2015Randonnée▲▲▲△ AllegroRandonnée Portland to San Francisco
22nd - 29th August 2015Bespoke▲▲▲△ AllegroLe Domestique
30th Aug - 6th September 2015Randonnée▲▲△△ AllegrettoRandonnée Alps
30th Aug - 9th September 2015Cent Cols Challenge▲▲▲▲ UltimoCent Cols Challenge Pyrenees
6th - 13th September 2015Randonnée▲▲▲△ AllegroRandonnée+ Japan
13th - 20th September 2015Randonnée▲▲△△ AllegrettoRandonnée Pyrenees
13th - 18th September 2015Retreat▲△△△ ModeratoRapha Retreat Tuscany
14th - 24th September 2015Cent Cols Challenge▲▲▲▲ UltimoCent Cols Challenge Cantabrico
20th - 25th September 2015Retreat▲△△△ ModeratoRapha Retreat Le Grand Banc
27th Sep - 2nd October 2015Retreat▲△△△ ModeratoRapha Retreat Le Grand Banc
29th Sep - 9th October 2015Cent Cols Challenge▲▲▲▲ UltimoCent Cols Challenge Cevennes
4th - 9th October 2015Retreat▲△△△ ModeratoRapha Retreat Le Grand Banc
4th - 10th October 2015Randonnée▲▲△△ AllegrettoRandonnée Corsica
11th - 18th October 2015Randonnée▲▲▲△ AllegroRandonnée Los Angeles to San Diego
11th - 16th October 2015Retreat▲△△△ ModeratoRapha Retreat Le Grand Banc

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Rapha travel difficulty scale

▲△△△ Moderato

Intended for riders seeking leisure, scenery and culture. Expect to move through exquisite landscapes at a comfortable pace. However, every rider embarking on a trip with Rapha Travel should be an experienced road-bike rider and at ease in the saddle for the better part of a morning or afternoon.

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▲▲△△ Allegretto

These rides move at a brisk-yet-manageable pace and include more rolling climbs and some mountain passes, providing an active trip without forcing a decent club cyclist out of his or her comfort zone.

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▲▲▲△ Allegro

Suited for the avid cyclist, comfortable with climbing for extended periods of time and riding hard on the flats. It’s recommended that riders have maintained sustained training and a fairly high mileage in preparation for one of these trips.

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▲▲▲▲ Ultimo

Reserved for riders with considerable fitness and endurance. These formidable rides feature steep grades and a pace set to challenge any rider mentally and physically.  We recommend that someone is capable of receiving the Gold award on a typical Sportive.  Those who haven’t put in their time in the saddle will be found out quickly.

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