Winter Hauler

Words: | Photography: Harry Zernike | Date:
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  • Tom

    Do you really ride that big of a saddle to handlebar drop on a winter commuter? If so I need to meet you yoga instructor. Otherwise sweet build and get up. I rock my santa cruz stigmata thru the winter mud and slush of Germany with the Rapha deep winter bibs being my go to and could not be happier.

  • Mark

    That’s not his bike. There is no way that guy could sit on the saddle and reach the bottom of the pedal stroke.

    • Richard Smith

      Of course he could

  • Jaclyn

    CRCA Represent!

  • Christopher Fahey

    I knocked out two teeth a block from this location, caught in a gap between nearly-spherical cobbles and broken trolley tracks. Only a fool (like me) bikes on these streets, and certainly nobody but the biggest fool rides on the cobbles in this neighborhood in winter.