Reports & Features

  1. Visible Effort

    Words: Ian Fleck | Photography: George Marshall | Date:

    Introducing The Team Sky Training Range Designed after consultation with Team Sky’s riders and staff, Rapha’s product development team produced a range of highly visible training garments for when riders…

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  2. Racewear Innovation

    Words: | Date:

    There are no tougher tests for road racing garments than in the professional peloton, where any minor flaw or problem is amplified by all-out efforts and extreme conditions. Tested and developed by the riders of Team Sky, the Rapha Pro Team collection was born, and has been proven in, the highest level of competition.

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  3. Pro Team Softshell Apparel

    Words: Joe Hall | Date:

    Rapha has been using softshell technology since we launched, in 2004. The weather-resistant, breathable and tactile qualities of the fabric ensure it performs superbly in a diverse range of conditions. In 2015, this membrane-based material still proves a remarkable ally in the cyclist’s war against bad weather. Simply put, softshell acts as a second skin, working with a rider’s body to enhance natural heating – and cooling – as well as protecting from the elements.

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  4. Women’s Prestige Yatsugatake

    Words: Mari Yano | Photography: Kazuhiro Watanabe | Date:

    When I was a kid, cycling was for boys. It was always the boys who arrived at the park on bicycles to play football. It was always the boys who turned the journey home into a cycle race. And it was always the boys who talked about this or that component, and how it made their bikes go faster.

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