June 2–4

Amsterdam, join us to unlock your city this Summer for Rapha Rides, a celebration of cycling around the world. Sign up for the rides and events that you’d like to attend on our schedule, and we’ll see you on the road.

2nd June


6am | 50km

Chasing the Sunrise Ride

Join A very early ride to one of Amsterdam's magical locations, Muiderslot. With snacks and drinks in hand we’ll greet the sunrise, shoot some photos, and ride back to the awakening city.


Henrik Orre Live Cooking & Workshop

Join Team Sky chef Henrik Orre reveals his cooking secrets. Having prepared victory meals for riders like Sir Bradley Wiggins and Chris Froome, Henrik is the best man to offer insights into how to get race-ready in the kitchen.

4pm | 40km

VrijMiBo Ride

Join Join us for VrijMiBo, or Friday afternoon drinks, but not before a stretch of the legs on a brief 40km loop around Amsterdam.


Opening Party with Poetry and Beer

Join To celebrate the beginning of Rapha Rides Amsterdam we join forces with the city's best beer brewery and put on fine food and good music. We'll chat about what makes Amsterdam so special and then, to round off the evening, we have a surprise.

8pm | 2 x 50–60km

Mini Camping Adventure with Bas Rotgans (€25)

Join Bikepacker Bas Rotgans is convinced that an adventure can be had just round the corner. Join us for an evening ride to a campsite over mixed roads, returning in the morning for coffee.

3rd June



Six to Six, a Fleche 12-hour challenge

Join It's time to show your endurance strength. In teams of four we challenge you to ride as many kilometres as possible from 6am until 6pm.


Workshops for all levels of riders

Join Whether you’re new to group riding and want to learn the best practice, more experienced but could do with some fine-tuning of your skills, or a racer looking to become more competitive, join our workshops.

2pm | 25km

Tweed Ride

Join Celebrating Amsterdam’s heritage of 200 years of cycling, we invite you to a classic tweed ride. Gather your best vintage outfit or bicycle (or both!) and join us.


Big thank you dinner - women's party

Join Women’s cycling is getting more popular, thanks to all Sheroes in the Benelux. Together with Pedala Magazine and Strongher we host a dinner party for all the women leading a women’s group in the Benelux. In recognition of all the great work you have put in. So if you are leading a women's community, don't wait and sign up.

4th June


Times vary

Transfer Rides

Join Rides from all over Benelux will be heading towards Amsterdam to celebrate the final day of Rapha Rides with a closing party. The rides will start from cities near and far (Antwerpen, Eindhoven, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Haarlem, Arnhem and Alkmaar, and the list is growing). See below for more information.


Hidden Secrets Urban Ride

Join Amsterdam bursts at the seams with hidden gems, and our special guides will point out all the places you’ve ridden past but never noticed. Suitable for all bikes.


Steel vs Carbon Debate

Join During our Rapha Rides campaign we hope to end the most debated discussion in cycling once and for all: steel or carbon? Join in on the debate, and hear specialists talk about why 'Steel is real' versus the benefits of 'Plastic Fantastic'.


Closing Party BBQ (€10)

Join We cap off a long weekend of celebrating the beauty of riding bikes with a final BBQ Party. Guests can give a last hurrah to Rapha Rides Amsterdam, revelling in the glory of cycling and the weekend’s adventures.

“When riding in the city you can feel its energy, but within a split-second you can be outside the walls, feeling like you are on a miniature holiday amid the water, forest and dunes.”

Sophie de Boer

Professional cyclocross racer

Sunday 4th June

Mini Camping Adventure

Ruining a good ride by bringing your camping stuff seems to be all the rage these days. Bikepacker Bas Rotgans however is convinced that an adventure can even be had around the corner and in a single evening, just bring matches for a campfire and a hip flask of your favourite single malt. We ride to a campsite over mixed roads and return in the morning for coffees. All doable on a normal road bike. There will be a limited number of bikepacking kits who don’t have any equipment, additionally everyone with their own equipment is invited.



Ride highlights:

Camping adventure with campfire & marshmallows

Day 1: 60km I Day 2: 60KM

Possibility to hire bike packing

Including accomodation, breakfast, beers & snacks

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