#oneoftheseplease: week one


It’s all about the bikes this week. To help you fly faster than Santa on Christmas Eve and roll smoother than the balls on the tree, we present some of the hottest and handiest bike products out there, a few ways that you can freshen up your bike and your riding style. Don’t forget to tell us what you desire by flexing those fingers and thumbs on Twitter and Instagram using the hashtag #oneoftheseplease.

King Cages Bottle Cages

Carbon might be all the rage, but it can’t hold a candle to these bottle cages. Not only is the price more than right, they will never mark up your bottles and they will actually hold them in when you hit the rough stuff, like a patch of gravel. Or some of your favorite pave. It will happen, and when it does you do not want to lose those precious bidons.

Cinelli x Rapha Caleido Handlebar Tape

Another easy way to make your bike fresh again – without being able to upgrade the whole thing – is to re-up on the handlebar tape. We worked with Cinelli to produce two colors of their Caleido tape with a bit of Rapha infused in them. There is a grey with pink perforation and black with pink perforations. The only catch is that it is only available at the Rapha Cycle Club NYC.

Orontas Lube

Strictly speaking from a visual standpoint, these lubes, oils and degreasers look fantastic. What cyclist would turn down some cleaning products for their bicycle? Especially some that came looking like this? Bonus points for having a simple blog – Journal – that reads well and features interesting people from their world of bicycles.

Portland Design Works Shiny Object

The best part about this tiny little inflator (I carry one with me wherever I go) is that it comes with a little leather sleeve for your CO2 cartridges. Why could that be you ask? Well, I have come to love this little leather sleeve for a number of reasons. One, when you actually have to use the cartridge it prevents the metal from sticking to your skin when it goes sub-zero during inflation. And two, it prevents that notorious rattle from happening in your saddle bag. Genius.

Rapha Essentials Case

Perhaps another vessel to carry the above could be a Rapha Essentials Case. There have been a few different iterations of this beautiful accessory down the years including the Rapha + Paul Smith version in the tricolour colours of Sir Paul’s old cycling club. And one of Paul Smith’s good cycling buddies, Mark Cavendish, is a big fan of this oh-so-handy leather case.

“I always just took a plastic bag, but now Rapha have made this, I will never go for a ride without it. “

The latest tweak on the design uses hi-vis pink zip tape, which is a great touch, especially if you are looking for the case when stowed in a bag.


Now, we would be remiss if we didn’t mention the bicycles that we have been coveting in 2013. The office here in Portland is full of them, but for some reason we have all taken on that ‘just one more’ attitude. Maybe we need to limit ourselves at some point, but until that day comes, we are just going to keep looking around this industry at the bicycles we want.

All City Mr. Pink

This is one that a few of the people here in the office in Portland own. They cite things like “brake calipers for wider tires” and “hidden fender mounts” making it the go-to steed for when the weather starts to turn in the Pacific Northwest. Plus, it looks great in its variety of simple colour ways.

Lemond Cycles Carbon

The revival of the LeMond brand was the talk of the town at Interbike this year. We are all desperately awaiting the full launch — you can reserve a Limited Edition TdF 1989. So, that is all that we have to go on, but let me tell you, it’s still exciting. The simple fact that TIME USA is making these bikes (and it’s Greg LeMond) makes this one to get excited about.

Tonic Fabrications

We would be remiss to leave out something from the handmade bicycle department. I know what you’re thinking, it might be extra easy for us here in Portland because it is such a hotbed of handmade bicycles. And you would be right, which is why I’m going to do the two-birds-with-one-stone bit. Tonic Fabrications. Their cyclocross bicycles are some of the hottest and most understated bicycles out there.

Now that we have covered off our list we’d love to see what you are looking to get, upgrade and covet this season. It could be that new cockpit from Fizik, or maybe a new Chris King wheel set. What #oneoftheseplease are you hankering for this year?


Using the hashtag #oneoftheseplease we want to see you sharing and tagging the things you really want this season via Instagram and Twitter.

Obviously we’d expect most of those things to be Rapha but they don’t have to be. They can be absolutely anything that captures your desire, whether it’s that vintage Italian racing frame, those handmade loafers or state-of-the-art headphones. With some great prizes up for grabs, it’s also a great way of dropping hints to your loved ones.

Just tell us, @rapharacing via Instagram or Twitter that you want #oneoftheseplease. Make sure you add a URL if it’s a link.

And for those who discover some seriously incredible items, or present them in an intriguing way, there are prizes up for grabs:

  • Grand Prize is a Ultimate Classics Bundle or Ultimate Women’s Classics Bundle

  • Second prize is a City Riding Jersey + Jeans Bundle or Women’s Winter Bundle

  • Third place receives a Winter Accessories Bundle.

Prizes will be be announced at the end of the promotion with all entries eligible so long as they feature the #oneoftheseplease tag, a mention of @rapharacing, and brief description of their request.

To see how it’s done, here are some of the best ones from last week…

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