#oneoftheseplease 2013: The Winners


You made it. It is over. The holidays have passed and (hopefully) you survived. That means that now you can go back to looking, finding and getting the things that you really wanted. Or maybe you did get what you wanted. A vintage watch, a fresh pair of Rapha Bib Shorts, or maybe even a shiny new bicycle? Possibly that new bike didn’t pan out, or you got four flats in a row during your attempt on the #festive500. Now is the time to put all that behind you and start anew. But first we should celebrate, take a deep breath and find out who the winners of #oneoftheseplease 2013 were…

Grand Prize — Simon Roy of Montreal, CA

Simon began illustrating his entries by hand and were subsequently featured in our week four and five roundups.

What really impressed us, was that he kept illustrating pictures well into the #festive500 — many of which have been receiving praise from other participants.

Over on Angelo Calilap’s blog Simon said:

I just started drawing cycling stuff because of the #oneoftheseplease contest from Rapha. I just loved it and kept drawing after the contest. I am from montreal canada, there is too much snow here for cycling, so I train inside and draw.

Having just kept drawing things over the past few weeks, we think he’s the worthy winner of our Ultimate Classics Bundle consisting of a pair of Rapha Classic Bib Shorts + Classic Jersey + Classic Softshell Jacket + Classic Winter Tights (or the Women’s version should he choose).

Congratulations Simon.

See his Instagram for more illustrations »

Second Prize — Meredith Clark of Melbourne, Australia

We really liked Meredith’s entry — it was quick, simple, creative and fit the criteria of being a gift that could be given (and it wasn’t cycling related). A genuine winner.

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Meredith will receive either a City Riding Jersey + Jeans Bundle or a Women’s Winter Bundle consisting of a Winter Collar + Women’s Winter Tights + Women’s Long Sleeve Jersey.

Third Prize — Paul-Phillipe Nelles of Liège, Belgium

Paul-Phillipe’s entry was a complete web site which he clearly put some thought and time into. For his efforts he will receive a Winter Accessories Bundle comprising of a Winter Collar + Merino Hat + Oversocks.

See his entry »

Well done to all three winners. To claim your prize please email enquiries@rapha.cc

Last but not least, here are some of the best entries we came across in the final week:

<iframe src=“//storify.com/rapharacing/oneoftheseplease-week-six/embed?header=false&border=false” width=“100%” height=750 frameborder=no allowtransparency=true>
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