Legwear Guide 2013



The absolute coverage you need for your precious pins during the off-season and when training in cooler conditions. From windproof panels to finely brushed inner linings and available with or without pads, Rapha’s comprehensive selection of tights boast a variety of features depending on a rider’s needs.

Classic Winter Tights

All-conquering winter leggings for riders who want to train in cool to cold conditions. They use a brushed Thermo Roubaix® fabric, which is breathable and toasty warm. Indeed, many roadies in the UK wear tights all year round, only baring their legs at races and when riding in very hot weather. Essential.
Between 2C – 12C. Windy cobbled roads and slippery climbs need not be a problem.
From neo-pro racers training in May, to veterans blazing through the country lanes in January, these should be in every rider’s wardrobe.
Wear with any of Rapha’s range of padded shorts, Long Sleeve Jersey, Long Sleeve Brevet Jersey, Winter Jersey, Classic Softshell Jacket, Winter Glove System.

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Deep Winter Tights

The pinnacle of winter leg protection. Using windproof, water-repellent and abrasion-resistant panels, the insulation and protection they provide will keep you riding when others stay at home. The 2013 version has been updated for an even better fit.
For those who ride in cold to very freezing conditions; think Scotland, Norway, or the Arctic wastes of northern Canada.
The winter warrior.
Wear with Hardshell Jacket and Deep Winter Base Layer.

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Team Sky Pro Tights with Pad

Designed following a direct request from Team Sky to have tights with a pad stitched in. Previously, Rapha tights had been created to be worn over your favourite padded shorts. These Italian-made leggings, in contrast, have a Cytech pad and windproof front panels.
Winter training conditions. High-tempo chaingangs and intervals in cold to freezing temperatures.
The professional or serious amateur racer.
Wear with Long Sleeve Pro Team Jersey or Pro Team Jacket. Merino Mesh Base Layer.

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The most crucial investment any road rider will make, a good pair of shorts is vital all year round. Fortunately, Rapha has exactly the right kind of shorts to suit your training and racing needs.

¾ Bib Shorts

The brainchild of Edwig Van Hooydonk, who rode and won the 1991 Tour of Flanders in knee-length bib shorts. Rapha’s ¾ Bib Shorts use the same fleece-backed Thermo Roubaix® as the Classic Winter Tights and the same top-of-the-range, specialist Cytech pad as the Classic Bib Shorts.
Tough training rides and early-season races.
Wannabe Flandrians, or for those who like that early-90s aesthetic.
Wear with Oversocks are essential, Pro Team Jacket, Winter Base Layer and Wind Jacket. Winter Hat.

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Pro Team Thermal Bibs

For the early season and cool conditions, these shorts are longer in the leg and use a lightweight brushed inner fabric for insulation. Favoured by Italian riders, thermal shorts are extremely versatile. They use the same pad as the Classic Bib Shorts for all-day comfort.
Mainly springtime and autumn but also cooler summer conditions. If you live in a temperate climate, they can be paired with some knee or leg warmers to keep you insulated throughout winter.
The seasoned rouleur or off-season whippet. A road racer.
Wear with Rapha Leg Warmers or Knee Warmers, Oversocks, Winter Embrocation and Pro Team Jacket.

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Classic Bib Shorts

Award-winning shorts used by everyone from elite riders to enthusiastic amateurs. Features include a supersoft matt Lycra fabric with great stretch and the best Cytech pad available. Hard to beat.
Lazy summer days and less lazy summer races. Also autumnal and springtime sessions (when paired with knee or leg warmers or embrocation).
Every rider should own a pair (even mountain bikers).
Wear with Merino Base Layer and your favourite summer jersey. Merino Arm Warmers and a Wind Jacket, just in case.

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Lightweight Bib Shorts

For the hottest rides and races, these shorts are superbly breathable and have a perforated chamois to keep you comfortable.
Hot and humid summer riding.
The cyclist who loves the heat.
Wear with Super Lightweight Jersey, Lightweight Jersey, Pro Team Jersey, Pro Team Base Layer or Merino Mesh Base Layer.

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For flexibility on a ride, pair our shorts with a selection of Rapha knee and leg warmers. Or, for that true Belgian hardman look, a good rub of Winter Embrocation.

Leg Warmers
Available in either merino or brushed Lycra fabrics, leg wamers provide great versatility if things get chilly, or you end up a long way from home.
Knee Warmers
Keep those bones insulated on training rides and in uncertain weather conditions with either the Rapha Merino or Thermo Roubaix® warmers.
Winter Embrocation
If you need to show off your tattoos or you like to get the legs going on the start line at cross races, this stuff is essential.


With reflective details, smart tailoring and innovative fabrics, Rapha has a great selection of trousers for a range of urban conditions.

Rapha Jeans

Performance denim yarn developed in Italy and tested over more than 9,000 kilometers. Superby flexible and comfortable, ideal for flying around the city.

From summer through to winter, the jeans work best in dry conditions but are fast drying so can withstand a shower and still keep you comfortable.

The person who needs a smart pair of jeans for life on (and off) the bike in the city.
Wear with Merino Crew Neck, City Rain Jacket, City Riding Socks, Leather Town Gloves.

Merino Boxers
Supremely breathable and high-wicking boxer shorts, with a close fit to ensure comfort when riding.

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City Trousers

A more tapered version of the Rapha Trousers, the material dries quickly making them perfect for travelling and pedaling around town. The slim cut, hi-vis details and durable fabric make these a must-have product this season.

Three-season trousers for all kinds of city pursuits. Whether it’s riding your town bike, attending meetings or popping out for lunch, the Schoeller® fabric works superbly.

The metropolitan rouleur who appreciates an ideal marriage of form and function.
Wear with
Merino Roll Neck or Long Sleeve Shirt, Cross Woven Belt, Large Shoulder Bag.

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Transfer Trousers

Merino-rich and slim-cut track pants for travel, pre-race warm-ups and quick jaunts across town.

Cooler days on the train and early morning flight check-ins.

The person who needs absolute comfort.

Wear with Transfer Jacket and Merino Base Layer.

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