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  1. Super Cross series UK: War of the Roses

    Words: James Booth | Photography: Jack Chevell | Date:

    The first two rounds of the 2015 Rapha Super Cross series UK took place at the grand location of Shibden Hall, Yorkshire, over the weekend of 17th – 18th October. Dating back to the 1400s, this private estate turned public park in Halifax served as a picture-perfect background for the beginning of this year’s Super Cross series UK, and welcomed more than 1,000 riders onto a world-class cross course throughout the weekend.

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  2. Super Cross München

    Words: Frank van der Sman | Date:

    For the second year, the Rapha Super Cross Series visits the iconic Olympiapark in Munich. Organised alongside Munich’s oldest cycling club, RC “Die Schwalben” 1894, Rapha Super Cross Munich occupies sacred cyclocross ground. The 1985 and 1997 UCI Cyclocross World Championships were held on these tracks, and is considered holy to many. For those fortunate enough to be riding, beautiful autumn weather combined with a challenging yet entertaining course.

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  3. The Book of Cross: Chapter One

    Words: Joe Hall & James Booth | Date:

    Jeremy Powers is back with an all new video project, The Book of Cross, produced by Motofish. Never shy to face the camera and speak his mind, this is a follow up to his popular documentary series Behind the Barriers. Chapter One is a look at Cross Vegas 2015, which this season became a UCI World Cup race, the first to be held in the USA and the first ever to be held outside Europe.

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  4. Rapha North America in the mud

    Words: | Date:

    ‘Cross’ keeps creeping into the summer months. Some leap in, shedding bibs and jerseys for skinsuits, longer lunch rides for ‘openers’. We’re well into the established season now, though, and as the last leaf falls on the real road season and the days shorten there is no denying it: it’s time for our full attention to shift to cyclocross.

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  5. A Community Classic: The Dirty 130

    Words: Nathan McIntosh | Photography: Beardy McBeard | Date:

    I am not an exceptional cyclist. In fact, I can best be described as an average cyclist. Average in that my motivation for riding centres around fitness, friendship and a desire to be outside. However, given a challenging event on the horizon my motivation shifts in pursuit of a little suffering. I take a certain joy in pushing myself to the point where my body hurts in a way I can sustain.

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