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Rapha travel difficulty scale

▲△△△ Moderato

Intended for riders seeking leisure, scenery and culture. Expect to move through exquisite landscapes at a comfortable pace. However, every rider embarking on a trip with Rapha Travel should be an experienced road-bike rider and at ease in the saddle for the better part of a morning or afternoon.

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▲▲△△ Allegretto

These rides move at a brisk-yet-manageable pace and include more rolling climbs and some mountain passes, providing an active trip without forcing a decent club cyclist out of his or her comfort zone.

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▲▲▲△ Allegro

Suited for the avid cyclist, comfortable with climbing for extended periods of time and riding hard on the flats. It’s recommended that riders have maintained sustained training and a fairly high mileage in preparation for one of these trips.

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▲▲▲▲ Ultimo

Reserved for riders with considerable fitness and endurance. These formidable rides feature steep grades and a pace set to challenge any rider mentally and physically.  We recommend that someone is capable of receiving the Gold award on a typical Sportive.  Those who haven’t put in their time in the saddle will be found out quickly.

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Although both the Randonnées and Cent Cols are tough physical challenges, riders enjoy excellent support throughout. Each trip has been designed to make all aspects of the journey as stress-free as possible.

Signature Rapha Support:

  • Everyone receives their own private room on our Randonnées and Retreats
  • Pro-level Pinarello Dogma bike and Campagnolo Record groupset (included on European departures only)
  • Ride guides, mechanic and soigneur support
  • Jaguar & Range Rover vehicle support cars
  • Massage
  • Laundry service

Food and Accommodation:

  • The hotels have been carefully selected to be very comfortable and accommodating to cyclists
  • Bidons and on-bike nutrition provided each day
  • All meals provided, with regional wine/drinks included in the evening

To find out more about Rapha Travel please email: travel@rapha.cc or call us on:
+44 (0)207 485 5000

Rapha Travel Service Partners

Rapha Travel provides once-in-a-lifetime trips of exceptional quality. To provide the best possible service, Rapha has teamed up with some of the industry’s finest brands. With their support Rapha Travel helps every guest take the most from their experience.

  • Pinarello – Rapha Travel’s bike fleet is provided by Pinarello, one of Italy’s leading frame builders and suppliers to Team Sky. Pinarello’s frames have won the sport’s greatest races, and combine advanced technologies with a classic aesthetic.
    Visit pinarello.com »
  • Campagnolo – Campagnolo is synonymous with quality, and the brand has a long and storied history in the sport. They have outfitted Rapha Travel with their Record groupset, used extensively in professional racing and considered by many to be the industry standard for brakes and gearing.
    Visit campagnolo.com »
  • Fizik – Fizik provide the finishing kits and saddles for all of Rapha Travel’s bikes, as they do for some of the world’s best cycling teams. Their saddle, seatposts and handlebars are crafted to keep you comfortable and supported on even the longest and most arduous rides.
    Visit fizik.it »
  • Torq – This British nutrition company provide much the food and drink served by Rapha Travel. Torq were chosen for their emphasis on natural ingredients prepared to the highest quality — their bars, drinks and gels are amongst the most healthy and palatable available, as well as being certified as organic and fairtrade.
    Visit torqfitness.co.uk »
  • Muc-Off – Rapha Travels equipment is kept spotless and in perfect working order by Muc-Off’s cleaning and lubrication products. Muc-Off is now a supplier to Team Sky, and their whole product range is backed up by extensive R&D to ensure the ideal level of protection and maintenance for high-end kit.
    Visit muc-off.com »
  • Jaguar – Rapha Travel’s support cars are supplied by the British luxury car manufacturer Jaguar. In their 50-year history Jaguar has created cars that have won design accolades and racing trophies. The models used by Rapha Travel are the same as those employed by Team Sky in the world’s most demanding races.
    Visit jaguar.com »
  • Skratch Labs – Customers on our USA trips will be provided with hydration products by Skratch Labs. Skratch use all-natural ingredients to create exceptionally tasty drinks with great nutritional value. The company started life when Allen Lim, a top physiologist, was tasked with creating a hydration mix for his professional riders — his brew proved so popular that rivals began pestering him for the recipe.
    Visit skratchlabs.com »
  • Clif Bar – Clif Bars gained their moniker thanks to the founder’s father, Clifford, who provided his son with a homemade energy bar recipe. The company now provides energy products to thousands of professional athletes, and all of their products are based on high quality ingredients.
    Visit clifbar.com »
  • Scicon – Travelling with a bike can often be a stressful affair, especially considering the dangers of checking a bike onto a plane. Scicon make hardwearing bike boxes to protect your bike on your travels. Their products are trusted by the professional peloton.
    Visit sciconbags.com »
  • Kask – Kask is the official helmet sponsor to Team Sky, providing the team with a selection of industry-leading helmets. Kask’s designs are safe, comfortable, and aerodynamic, providing both performance advantages and safety while riding.
    Visit kask.it »
  • Velo Customs – Rapha Travel’s bike frame stickers are provided by Velo Customs, who use paint-friendly and long lasting materials in their die-cut vinyl stickers.
    Visit velostickers.com »