De Kleine Dingen

Team Sky heeft geen geheimen, ze doen de kleine dingen gewoon beter dan de rest — ze focussen op de details die er toe doen.

Dit seizoen komen we met films, foto’s en verhalen van de mensen die samen het team vormen — van de koks en de mecaniciens tot de renners — over al die kleine dingen die Team Sky tot een van de beste ploegen ter wereld maken.


Het zijn deze kleine dingen die Team Sky tot grote prestaties brengen. Wat zijn jouw kleine dingen? Deel ze met hashtag #doingthelittlethings


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  1. Sixteen For 2016

    Tekst: Simon Mottram | Datum:

    It’s time once more where, as road riders, we prepare for the approaching season and set goals for the New Year. My goal in 2016 is 50 momentous rides, to celebrate my 50th year. Here at Rapha I encourage all employees to set riding targets, to have one or more things in the crosshairs to help better their riding and racing. Every New Year I also like to look ahead to what Rapha as a company has in its sights; the products we will launch, the events we will host and the places we will travel to. Back in 2008 it was easier, I thought, to compile such a list. I supposed this year it would be much tougher, but it wasn’t. We have some amazing things in store for 2016, from new Cycle Clubs to watching the Tour on Mt. Ventoux. Everyone is, of course, invited to join the ride. From all of us at Rapha, happy New Year and strong riding in 2016.

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  2. Boswell Bike Tour

    Tekst: | Datum:

    Team Sky’s Ian Boswell has just completed his first-ever Grand Tour, the Vuelta a España. The 24-year-old American rode to distinction in Spain, beyond the call of his team duties as ever, with a highlight third place on the so-called ‘hardest ever Grand Tour stage’ in Andorra.

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  3. Team Sky: An open letter from Simon Mottram

    Tekst: Simon Mottram | Datum:

    In 2012 Rapha announced the beginning of a four-year Partnership with the world’s number-one professional racing team, Team Sky. Rapha has been a part of Team Sky’s countless achievements since then, including two Tour de France victories and success on all types of terrain and in all conditions. Together, we have redefined performance and style in the peloton, both on and off the bike. It’s been an amazing ride so far and the success of the Partnership has been beyond expectations.

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