Rapha Products

Road riding is tough enough without having to compromise on quality. The Rapha range uses only the finest materials, components and detailing to create exceptional apparel and accessories.

Every Rapha product is conceived and developed by active road riders. The Rapha range combines the latest technology with a host of rider-inspired features, each carefully developed to make every ride more rewarding.

Rapha’s style is classic and understated. From the tailored fit of Rapha jerseys to the pared down styling of Rapha gilets and jackets, every item is designed to be as elegant as it is flattering.

Rapha branding is discreet. We include only the highest quality fabrics and trims and don’t use the outside of our products to advertise branded components. Unlike most clothing brands in the sport, Rapha believes performance technology should speak for itself. What you will find is an engaging story tucked away in most Rapha products and which connects the garment to the sport.

Product testing

To develop the very best cycling clothes and accessories, detailed and authoritative product testing is vital. All Rapha products are tested extensively in the field, through dozens of hours of hard riding and racing. The Rapha Continental riders test Rapha products in the extreme temperatures and demanding terrain of the greatest routes in North America, while the Rapha Condor professional riders test Rapha products on all training rides and under race conditions.

Responsibility through Quality

Rapha’s commitment to quality extends to all aspects of design and production and Rapha’s unique network of manufacturing partners has been chosen with the utmost care. Rapha works closely with skilled craftsmen around the world and has developed long-standing relationships to ensure that not only are Rapha products produced in a responsible way but that they also continue to meet and exceed the exacting standards demanded by serious road riders. Rapha use only the finest fabrics and components in their apparel and accessories, sourced from around the world and from suppliers with a reputation for excellence.

In the Far East, for example, Rapha’s manufacturing partners offer some of the most technologically advanced machinery and processes in the world. Offering superior levels of quality control at every stage of production, the laser cutting and bonding techniques they have developed enable Rapha to provide unrivalled levels of finishing in its performance roadwear.

In Italy, Rapha works with a highly specialist mill that produces the finest stretch fabrics available, including the Roubaix fabrics used in Rapha shorts, tights, arm and knee warmers.

In the UK, our leather gloves are hand crafted in Somerset, expertly cut and stitched by a family firm with more than 60 years experience. Whether investing in new technology or trusting to age-old craftsmanship, Rapha visits all our partners on a regular basis to ensure that we deliver products of the very highest quality.

Note on merino sourcing

Merino wool is a staple of many Rapha products, from 100% merino jerseys and base layers to merino-blend technical fabrics such as Sportwool. A luxurious and versatile natural fibre, merino is not only extremely soft and comfortable but also highly breathable. This means it helps regulate body temperature in both hot and cold conditions. The merino wool used in Rapha products is ethically sourced and certified ‘non-mulesed’ – in some cases it can even be traced back to the farms in New Zealand where it was produced.

Mulesing is a controversial procedure in which strips of skin are removed from around the breech (buttocks) of a merino sheep to protect the animal from ‘myiasis’. More commonly known as blowfly, this is an infestation of parasites attracted by the urine and faeces that build up in the breech area. If untreated, the infection can lead to septicaemia and ultimately death. Though undoubtedly effective in combating blowfly, animal rights campaigners claim mulesing causes unnecessary suffering, a view endorsed by an increasing number of wool farmers.

Compliance Statement

Rapha is committed to delivering the finest cycling clothing and accessories in the world and, as we continue to expand, we want to achieve this without compromising either the people we work with or the planet in general. When sourcing new suppliers, or auditing existing ones, we work to uphold the principles outlined by the International Labour Association. These principles are designed to ensure freedom of employment, sound working conditions, and prevent discrimination in the workplace and the use of child labour. We are aware of the environmental issues likely to affect our global supply chains, and are working towards minimising our environmental impact.

The following links explain some of the initiatives our key suppliers are involved in: