The Urbanite


This sharp but relaxed individual possibly works in the creative industry and loves their ride through backstreets and boroughs across town. They have a couple of pieces of Rapha, but keep dropping hints they’d like a few more. Shut them up and make them smile with:

The Hi-Vis Backpack »
They want this, you want this, and whilst it’s great for staying seen on the busy streets, it also fits all your daily work essentials like laptop, a change of clothes, a few tools and that obscure Finnish furniture magazine they subscribe to.

City Socks »
Christmas without one or two pairs of new socks is like Laurel without Hardy – tragic. So why not buy a three-pack of these merino-rich beauties? Exactly, you’ve got no excuse and, whilst you’re there, get yourself some too.

Leather Town Gloves »
These are – as a good friend of Rapha often says in his French accent: “completely fantastic”. Supple, gorgeous leather, hand-stretched and cut in England, leather that gets better with age, just like a fine wine. They also have high-density foam padding, expertly-machined stitching and timeless styling. You buy someone a pair of these and the joy will just keep growing.

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