#oneoftheseplease: week 3


Camping, hiking, trekking, romping, mountaineering, whatever you choose to do or call it, the great outdoors has never felt so enticing. From thick seafaring sweaters that grace the covers of magazines, the revival of ancient brands to their heyday originals, and to our very own collection of henleys – there is a nod to the mountains wherever you find yourself. This is a national pastime here in the States, and fellow travellers share a (lightweight) gear obsession that could rival cycling. Plus, it turns out that there are more than a few people that pursue both activities, as they no doubt have parallel appeal.

From a day hike out to the Colombia Gorge or a weeklong adventure getting lost in the Scottish Highlands, or maybe just a ramble across the city, we have some gear to get your blistered toes tingling once more.

Rapha x Raeburn Collection Leather Town Gloves – $210

This collection has been all the rage this past week, selling out of the first batch of Quilted Jackets in record time. I personally would take anything from the collection (but I’m leaning towards the Henley. The spot that is truly hot, however, is the brothers update to our grand classic, the Leather Town Gloves. Plus, when you go to grab that smouldering cast iron skillet from the camp stove you will be more than happy.

Check out the interview that Mr. John ‘Prolly’ Watson did with the brothers over on his site Prolly is not Probably: Interviewed: Christopher and Graeme Raeburn. And another interview with Christopher on this very site »

Kletterwerks Flip Bag – $229

Not only does our own oftentimes mustachioed Rapha Continental darling, Cole Maness, help represent the likes of Kletterworks, but their story deserves a read. If you have ever owned a Dana backpack for one of your post-collegiate adventures then you already know the heritage that was started with these bags. The Kletter Flip works great as your everyday bag, from wine bottles and wax paper wrapped cheese to everything you need for your commute (minus the bike). For a bit further info check out the write up from A Continuous Lean entitled Resurecting a Revolutionary Bag Co.

Poler Two Man Camo Tent – $250

Everyone should own a tent. Even better if it happens to be from Portland based Poler. We might be a little biased because of the amount of time that we have spent with their founder Benji Wagner — he spent a summer on the road with the Rapha Continental – and shot this little video when we went and put on our own Breaking Away with Mellow Johnny’s Plus, the good people at Poler understand the benefit of having a laugh at themselves with their recent video release – Landlouping – and that is just awesome. #campvibes

Rapha Deep Winter Base Layer – $165

The only thing that could make this base layer better would be the addition of bottoms. But this heavy duty top will have to do until the Union Suit makes its way back to the runway. It can withstand any of the deepest, darkest climbs and descents that you can find this winter. We are headed out to Bend, Oregon this weekend to cheer on the Rapha-FOCUS team and their crazy cyclocross adventures and this will have a place next to anything in our bag.

Filson – Short Cruiser Jacket – Coated – $260

Top off your Deep Winter Base Layer with a coating of waxed cotton. Just because you are heading out into the wild does not mean that you can’t look like James Dean when you do so. The good news is that the typical denim jacket has gotten a boost in the last couple of years and you no longer need to spend countless hours leaning over your engine block to get your jacket to look like it did. And an added bonus – waxed cotton repels water.

Snowpeak – Fold Down Coffee Drip $29.95

This one is not just for the outdoors. It can be used indoors as well. Or in your car as you attempt to ready yourself for a cold cross race or winter ride. It should come as no surprise that we are fans of this Japanese brand. Their commitment to functional and stylish gear is second to none. Plus, when it comes to coffee it is not good to be left without the good old black stuff on any adventure. Make sure to include a bag of anything from west-coasters Stumptown or La Colombe or new favourite in London, Workshop.

And then you’re off. Into the wilderness of wherever you find yourself. Just make sure you pack #oneoftheseplease.


Using the hashtag #oneoftheseplease we want to see you sharing and tagging the things you really want this season via Instagram and Twitter.

Obviously we’d expect most of those things to be Rapha but they don’t have to be. They can be absolutely anything that captures your desire, whether it’s that vintage Italian racing frame, those handmade loafers or state-of-the-art headphones. With some great prizes up for grabs, it’s also a great way of dropping hints to your loved ones.

Just tell us, @rapharacing via Instagram or Twitter that you want #oneoftheseplease. Make sure you add a URL if it’s a link.

And for those who discover some seriously incredible items, or present them in an intriguing way, there are prizes up for grabs:

• Grand Prize is a Ultimate Classics Bundle or Ultimate Women’s Classics Bundle

• Second prize is a City Riding Jersey + Jeans Bundle or Women’s Winter Bundle

• Third place receives a Winter Accessories Bundle.

Prizes will be be announced at the end of the promotion, with all entries eligible so long as they feature the #oneoftheseplease tag, a mention of @rapharacing, and brief description of their request.

To see how it’s done, here are some of the best ones from last week…

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