Rapha Cyclocross 2014

Veldrijden is een sport die er voor een buitenstaander misschien nogal hectisch uitziet, maar volkomen normaal is voor iedereen die zich er aan durft te wagen. Er zijn maar weinig andere disciplines die rijders dwingen tot riskante afdalingen met een duizelingwekkende snelheid om daarna met een slakkengangetje hun weg te vervolgen over modderige paden. Deze winter zullen de fotoseries 'Rapha Theatres of Cross' belangrijke locaties laten zien op dagen dat ze zich niet hebben opgemaakt voor het spektakel van een wedstrijddag. De Rapha Super Cross is terug voor zowel wedstrijdrijders als toeschouwers, met wedstrijden in Europa, Japan, Australië en de Verenigde Staten. En Jeremy Powers, de landskampioen van de Verenigde Staten, zal voor het vierde seizoen rijden in de kleuren van Rapha. Wij zullen Jeremy het hele seizoen volgen aan de hand van wedstrijdverslagen en interviews.

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  1. Super Cross series UK: War of the Roses

    Tekst: James Booth | Fotografie: Jack Chevell | Datum:

    The first two rounds of the 2015 Rapha Super Cross series UK took place at the grand location of Shibden Hall, Yorkshire, over the weekend of 17th – 18th October. Dating back to the 1400s, this private estate turned public park in Halifax served as a picture-perfect background for the beginning of this year’s Super Cross series UK, and welcomed more than 1,000 riders onto a world-class cross course throughout the weekend.

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  2. Super Cross München

    Tekst: Frank van der Sman | Datum:

    For the second year, the Rapha Super Cross Series visits the iconic Olympiapark in Munich. Organised alongside Munich’s oldest cycling club, RC “Die Schwalben” 1894, Rapha Super Cross Munich occupies sacred cyclocross ground. The 1985 and 1997 UCI Cyclocross World Championships were held on these tracks, and is considered holy to many. For those fortunate enough to be riding, beautiful autumn weather combined with a challenging yet entertaining course.

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  3. Super Cross Sydney Report

    Tekst: Danny ‘Danger’ James | Fotografie: Beardy McBeard | Datum:

    What makes a great sequel? Is it a simple case of bigger is better, or is it something less tangible? Is it a deepening of the story, the characters, or something unexpected? Whatever the case, sophomoric efforts will always be judged in a harsher light than their freshmen counterparts – for good reason.

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  4. Rapha Super Cross UK Wrap-up

    Tekst: Kati Jagger | Fotografie: Johnny Hines | Datum:

    The final round of the UK Rapha Super Cross series took place on Saturday 25th October at London’s Alexandra Palace, with a full day of racing that saw novices and fancy dress fanatics negotiate a foam-filled course in the Fun category, whilst Seniors, Vets, and Youth races took in the mud and off-camber turns, jumps and steep ascents in four rounds of muddy chaos. The series saw more than 1000 racers taking part, a new record.

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  5. Rapha Super Cross Munich

    Tekst: Ricky Buckenlei | Fotografie: Sebastian Schels | Datum:

    Last Sunday the inaugural Super Cross on the European Continent took place in Munich with the support from one of the oldest cycling clubs in the city, RC “Die Schwalben” 1894 München. Situated at the Olympiapark, the iconic setting featured the track that staged both the 1985 and 1997 UCI Cyclocross World Championships.

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  6. Rapha Super Cross Gloucester

    Tekst: | Fotografie: Andy Bokanev | Datum:

    This week in the New England Fall has become known as North American Cyclocross’ Holy Week. With the Providence Cyclocross festival in Rhode Island and the quirky, but well attended Night Weasels race in Shrewsbury, MA, rounding out the Holy Trinity is last weekend’s Rapha Super Cross Gloucester.

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  7. UK Super Cross Film 2013

    Tekst: | Datum:

    The third season of Rapha Super Cross revelled in something that had so far been lacking – mud. Paul Oldham and Annie Simpson (Hope Factory Racing) swept the individual podiums, gamely pushed and chased by a host of Elite UK ‘crossers from Hargroves RT, Felt Colbornes, and the young guns of the Rapha Great Britain Development squad.

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