1. Back on Home Turf

    Tekst: | Fotografie: Laura Austin, @Laura_Austin & Emily Maye (top image) | Datum:

    California native Alexis Ryan gives Rapha an insight into life in the women’s pro peloton, and why being an American in Europe isn’t always easy.

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  2. Rapha Women’s Prestige Merricks

    Tekst: Cindy-Lee Davies | Fotografie: Kirsty Baxter | Datum:

    Driving down the gravel road to the winery where the Rapha Women’s Prestige Merricks was to begin from, I was reminded of childhood jaunts on dust tracks, and the freedom of the country. It set the tone for what would be a wonderful day’s riding. Those gravel roads were the only type I knew as a child, and we’d be riding several of them on our 121km long adventure.

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  3. Glory and glamour

    Tekst: Harry Dowdney | Fotografie: Emily Maye & Harry Dowdney | Datum:

    The liberty of looking good, with Tiffany Cromwell In a little café in Ghent, Tiffany Cromwell is discussing looking good on two wheels. Not just one of the best female…

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  4. Women’s 100: Training Advice

    Tekst: Julie Krasniak | Fotografie: Emily Maye & Jeremy Dunn | Datum:

    Julie Krasniak (pictured below), from the French city of Metz, began riding at 12 years old and by the age of 14 was racing mountain bikes. Between her brother, father,…

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  5. The Flanders forecast

    Tekst: Ronny Lauke | Fotografie: Harry Dowdney & Christian Kaufmann | Datum:

    The view from within a bike race is a privileged position; one that us fans rarely get to enjoy. Whether having ridden them, or from behind the wheel of the team car, the Team Sky and CANYON//SRAM directeur sportifs have an unrivalled understanding of what the biggest races are really like.

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  6. Ger Tierney

    Tekst: | Datum:

    Rapha Survey visits photographic director at GQ Magazine, Ger Tierney at her home in Finsbury Park, in North London, to find out about her life, and how she chased her dream to work in the fashion industry.

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  7. The Colour of the Classics

    Tekst: Harry Dowdney | Fotografie: Harry Dowdney | Datum:

    On the startline with a self-assured Australian, a spontaneous Italian, a whip-smart American, a charming Belarussian and two kind Germans – just a few of the inspiring CANYON//SRAM Racing team members.

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  8. Surveying the scene

    Tekst: Matthew Beaudin | Fotografie: Emily Maye | Datum:

    Team CANYON//SRAM Racing’s Tiffany Cromwell and Alexis Ryan lean their bikes against the alabaster walls and make their way through the entry hall of the Sant Salvador monastery. It’s the off-season but the two cyclists are in good company — old woolen world championship jerseys hang on the wall.

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  9. Anything but lonely: Tiffany Cromwell at the Road Nats

    Tekst: Jessi Braverman | Fotografie: Kirsty Baxter | Datum:

    “C’mon, Tiff,” says Beth Duryea. “You can do this. Podium. Podium. Podium.” Those final three words came out in a steady staccato rhythm. The CANYON//SRAM co-owner and marketing manager Duryea was working as sport director at the Australian National Road Championships. Driving the car behind her team’s only Australian, Tiffany Cromwell, the versatile Duryea provided encouragement and instruction. With four kilometres left in the individual time trial, Cromwell was within reach of a spot on the podium. Having scored a seat in the CANYON//SRAM car to follow Cromwell’s effort, I was wedged in the back next to the team’s mechanic, tools and extra wheels and enjoyed prime position watching her navigate up and down the undulating 29.3km course.

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  10. New Beginnings

    Tekst: | Datum:

    Now, more than any other time on the road calendar, there is that thing riders and staff will soon crave. There is time. There is a newness to the forthcoming season. There is also that indefinable element that carries teams through the thick winter miles of training, sponsorship strategy, scheduling… There is potential.

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  11. The full spectrum

    Tekst: Kim Cross | Fotografie: Wes Frazer | Datum:

    Winter riding is one of the secret pleasures of the South. Summer’s landscape hides behind curtains of green. The barren season reveals the landscape’s undulations, the beauty of stark branches against alabaster sky. The world is painted in a hundred shades of brown, textured and lovely in a way that’s hard to appreciate behind a windshield.

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  12. Super Jacobs

    Tekst: Lisa Jacobs | Fotografie: Andy Bokanev | Datum:

    The light of the afternoon has gone and the temperature is dropping closer to zero in Nobeyama, a beautiful mountain district two hours by train from Tokyo. With legs echoing the effort of the day’s racing I walk up the gravel drive and knock on a dark window. Nothing. I must have the wrong house. I see the shadow of a small figure inside and knock again. Of course, here in the mountains the windows are thick to keep in the warmth. Too thick for my timid Australian knocking.

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  13. Wild and weathered in Waikato

    Tekst: Emma Bryant | Fotografie: Amy Taylor | Datum:

    Sunshine on skin. It’s an unfamiliar feeling for us Kiwis at the moment after months of being covered by layer upon layer, wrapped and protected against biting winds, ice, rain and whatever else the winter could throw at us.

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  14. Fast, strong, capable

    Tekst: Kelton Wright | Fotografie: Laura Austin | Datum:

    I ride alone more than not. I like the empty space on the road, in the silence, in my head. I like to suffer without encouragement and without judgment. But…

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  15. Cycling in the City

    Tekst: Molly Ritterbeck | Fotografie: Molly Ritterbeck | Datum:

    It’s hard to argue with the belief that cycling is one of the best ways to get around a big city. In recent years, bike commuting has spiked 62 percent in the US, and a whopping 105 percent in the largest cities, according to the nonprofit organization The League of American Bicyclists.

    But sometimes, commuting by bike isn’t as easy as, well, riding a bike – so we’ve tapped the collective knowledge of a crew of commuters from big cities near and far, asking for their top tips and lessons learned. Hopefully this short guide will help make your two-wheeled commute safe, stylish, and most of all, fun.

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  16. Against the wind: a daughter teaches her mother to ride

    Tekst: Sophie Ballo | Datum:

    It’s late October in Texas Hill Country. I’m 20 miles into a 40-mile ride, and already my legs are fatigued. The wind pushes back, but I persist, head down, in the drops, going 13 miles an hour.

    We chose Texas for our first mother and daughter cycling trip because we felt the long distances on offer would keep me interested, while she tackled the shorter options available. The trip’s statistics hadn’t impressed me on paper. But roads aren’t ridden on paper, it turns out.

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  17. Priscilla Calderon: A Bigger Win

    Tekst: Matthew Beaudin | Fotografie: Emily Maye | Datum:

    Priscilla Calderon was recently photographed for the Rapha Women’s range. She works at a bike shop a few shifts a week, and goes to dental hygienist school. She is a Cat. 1 bike racer on the brink, as she’s recently signed on with a small pro team in Los Angeles, California, named La Sweat. She wakes up to ride at 5am or churns the trainer after work, if that’s all time allows.

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  18. Rapha Festa Della Donna Ride, CCSYD

    Tekst: Kath Bicknell | Fotografie: Ben Cirulis | Datum:

    Bright, friendly chatter flowed out of the Rapha Cycle Club Sydney at dawn. It was upbeat and encouraging on the hills. It became louder on the descents, rising above the wind. If you paused for a moment on the flats, you would realise this chatter surrounded you here as well.

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