1. The Flanders forecast

    Tekst: Ronny Lauke | Fotografie: Harry Dowdney & Christian Kaufmann | Datum:

    The view from within a bike race is a privileged position; one that us fans rarely get to enjoy. Whether having ridden them, or from behind the wheel of the team car, the Team Sky and CANYON//SRAM directeur sportifs have an unrivalled understanding of what the biggest races are really like.

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  2. The Colour of the Classics

    Tekst: Harry Dowdney | Fotografie: Harry Dowdney | Datum:

    On the startline with a self-assured Australian, a spontaneous Italian, a whip-smart American, a charming Belarussian and two kind Germans – just a few of the inspiring CANYON//SRAM Racing team members.

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  3. The Book Of Cross: Chapter Three

    Tekst: | Datum:

    From his victory in the Nationals; where J-Pow was able to fend off both Stephen Hyde and Logan Owen to take the win, the story moves to Europe, where Jeremy is preparing for the Worlds. Jpow’s placing at the Worlds was not what he had hoped or worked towards and he provides a frank and honest insight into what went wrong.

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  4. Tokyo in the crosshairs

    Tekst: Bill Schieken | Fotografie: Kei Tsuji & Yufta Omata | Datum:

    Last week, myself and Jeremy Powers travelled to Tokyo in Japan to give a presentation based on the Svenness videos that I publish on the blog In The Crosshairs. We didn’t just come for that, though: J-Pow then won the Cyclocross Tokyo 2016 race in front of a crowd of 15,000 to end his season in style.

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  5. Sir Brad and the Pursuiters

    Tekst: Harry Dowdney | Fotografie: Jonny Hines | Datum:

    Team WIGGINS are the rockstars of the peloton. A group of talented upstarts led by charismatic frontman Sir Bradley Wiggins, the team’s first year in 2015 was a debut to remember. Perfectly coiffed, quiffed, and smartly turned out in Rapha, the British UCI Continental team split their time between the boards and the roads, winning races and fans alike. The insouciance of youth and the guiding hand of an experienced star proved an irresistible combination, while matching Nike Air Max trainers and whistle-clean white Pinarellos completed the look.

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  6. On Tour, Down Under

    Tekst: Harry Dowdney | Fotografie: Beardy Mcbeard & Kei Tsuji | Datum:

    As the curtain rose for another season of spills and thrills in the professional peloton at the Tour Down Under (TDU), Rapha photographers Beardy McBeard (Marcus Enno) and Kei Tsuji were on hand to capture the excitement.

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  7. Bonkers for Jonker

    Tekst: Tom Southam | Fotografie: Cor Vos | Datum:

    In what was his last professional race, Jonker took the start at the head of the composite UniSA team as the proverbial underdog. The wily four-time Tour de France finisher wasted no time in making his first move however. Noticing a strong tailwind out of Adelaide, the lanky local attacked as soon as the flag was dropped on the first road stage to Kapunda.

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  8. New world racing

    Tekst: Tom Southam | Fotografie: Beardy McBeard | Datum:

    Unlike its antiquated stage-race siblings in France and Italy the Tour Down Under (TDU) is a very much a new world proposition. The race has never laid claim to being the hardest, the longest, or the toughest on the calendar, instead the South Australian race has become regarded as a palate-tantalising hors d’oeuvre for the cycling season. With a spot on the racing calendar that comes just weeks in to the new season the TDU is a hard race to predict a winner for, something echoed by the fact that no rider has ever managed to defend their title at the race. Local riders do enjoy a strong advantage however, with Australians having won ten of the seventeen editions.

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  9. Field Notes: US Cyclocross Nationals 2016

    Tekst: Jordan Reid | Fotografie: Jordan Reid | Datum:

    When the cyclocross riders arrived for the 2016 edition of the US National Cyclocross Championships this year, they did so under the long shadow cast by a larger-than-life name in United States history: the Vanderbilts.

    The Vanderbilts made their wealth in the early 1800s when many illustrious families like the Rockefellers and Carnegies were also were staking claim to industry. The patriarch of the family, Cornelius Vanderbilt, built his empire in the railroad and shipping trades, but it was his grandson George who undertook the enormous task of building up the family estate in North Carolina.

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  10. Anything but lonely: Tiffany Cromwell at the Road Nats

    Tekst: Jessi Braverman | Fotografie: Kirsty Baxter | Datum:

    “C’mon, Tiff,” says Beth Duryea. “You can do this. Podium. Podium. Podium.” Those final three words came out in a steady staccato rhythm. The CANYON//SRAM co-owner and marketing manager Duryea was working as sport director at the Australian National Road Championships. Driving the car behind her team’s only Australian, Tiffany Cromwell, the versatile Duryea provided encouragement and instruction. With four kilometres left in the individual time trial, Cromwell was within reach of a spot on the podium. Having scored a seat in the CANYON//SRAM car to follow Cromwell’s effort, I was wedged in the back next to the team’s mechanic, tools and extra wheels and enjoyed prime position watching her navigate up and down the undulating 29.3km course.

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  11. The Book Of Cross: Chapter Two

    Tekst: | Datum:

    Following the first instalment in October 2015, Jeremy Powers returns with the second chapter in his new video project, The Book of Cross, produced by Motofish Images. Chapter two sees JPow take a victory at the Christmas-themed Jingle Cross event, before heading to his home in Massachusetts for a candid look at his training and personal life. He speaks openly about his young racing days, the differences between the American and European cross scenes, and his relationship with JAM Fund prodigy Stephen Hyde – the young mentee of Jeremy’s that recently beat him at the Derby City Cup.

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  12. Down on the farm: US Cyclocross National Championships

    Tekst: Ryan Newill | Datum:

    In a sport more accustomed to tenuous relationships with city park officials, the Biltmore — private, carefully curated, and meticulously maintained — stands out as the setting for this year’s U.S. Cyclocross National Championships, 5th – 10th January. A partnership between stalwarts of the North Carolina cyclocross community and the Asheville-Buncombe Regional Sports Commission helped open the Biltmore’s formidable doors, and venue and race organisers soon found mutual benefits. The estate’s sprawling grounds, terrain, and amenities made it a dream venue for cyclocross. The thousands of visitors to the championships would also help fill the yearly lull in the estate’s calendar that comes when visitors to the house’s lavish Christmas displays return to work and school.

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  13. Panache Awards 2015

    Tekst: Simon Mottram | Fotografie: Watson & Offside | Datum:

    Panache has become somewhat of a four letter word and even considered a touch hackneyed by parts of the cycling media. At Rapha, we believe it’s what makes road racing the most exciting sport in the world. Panache means cunning, guile, bravery and skill, not just legs of steel and the lungs of a whale. This season was sometimes spectacular, from the wind-lashed cobbles of Belgium to the shimmering tarmac of the Pyrenees, we witnessed moments of exceptional bike racing. And so, to salute the season that was, we’ve asked some friends of Rapha to nominate their favourite exploits of the last year to help us compile a shortlist of the best panache of 2015.

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  14. Just the tonic: Ginn sets new Australian record

    Tekst: Glen O’Rourke | Fotografie: Andrew Clifforth & Kirsty Baxter | Datum:

    Three-time Olympic gold medallist rower Drew Ginn has found a new pursuit to channel his aerobic talent and love of hard efforts: long-distance cycling. On 27th November, the 41-year-old lined up at Brunswick Velodrome in Melbourne in Australia, aiming to break the 24-hour cycling world record of 890km. Training partner and good friend Glen O’Rourke was there to support Drew throughout his marathon effort, and tells the story of the ride.

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  15. Super Jacobs

    Tekst: Lisa Jacobs | Fotografie: Andy Bokanev | Datum:

    The light of the afternoon has gone and the temperature is dropping closer to zero in Nobeyama, a beautiful mountain district two hours by train from Tokyo. With legs echoing the effort of the day’s racing I walk up the gravel drive and knock on a dark window. Nothing. I must have the wrong house. I see the shadow of a small figure inside and knock again. Of course, here in the mountains the windows are thick to keep in the warmth. Too thick for my timid Australian knocking.

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  16. Photo Essay: The 2015 UCI Asia Tour

    Tekst: Danial Hakim | Fotografie: Danial Hakim and Zie Haqqin (Peloton Images Asia) | Datum:

    Despite the quest for marginal gains and scientific advantages with tools such as power meters, one thing that these modern contraptions and methods cannot measure is the panache of riders during races. This, and the excitement and romance of racing, is what draws us all to the sport and which we at Peloton Images Asia are lucky enough to spend our time trying to capture with photography.

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  17. Super Cross series UK: War of the Roses

    Tekst: James Booth | Fotografie: Jack Chevell | Datum:

    The first two rounds of the 2015 Rapha Super Cross series UK took place at the grand location of Shibden Hall, Yorkshire, over the weekend of 17th – 18th October. Dating back to the 1400s, this private estate turned public park in Halifax served as a picture-perfect background for the beginning of this year’s Super Cross series UK, and welcomed more than 1,000 riders onto a world-class cross course throughout the weekend.

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  18. The Book of Cross: Chapter One

    Tekst: Joe Hall & James Booth | Datum:

    Jeremy Powers is back with an all new video project, The Book of Cross, produced by Motofish. Never shy to face the camera and speak his mind, this is a follow up to his popular documentary series Behind the Barriers. Chapter One is a look at Cross Vegas 2015, which this season became a UCI World Cup race, the first to be held in the USA and the first ever to be held outside Europe.

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