Rapha Relocating to Island Paradise

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Rapha Relocating to Island Paradise

Rapha’s headquarters, once housed in an old Victorian piano factory in Kentish Town, London, have relocated. After a fruitless search across London for another suitably crumbly 19th century factory building, a decision has been made to take our head office overseas. Not only will this allow Rapha the sufficient space for sampling facilities such as wind tunnels, laboratories and an indoor track, the location for the new premises will have a more tropical climate than that of London. Most importantly, we’ll have more time riding in good weather. This is the most crucial factor in helping us understand and evaluate products and the needs of our customers. It’ll also make us more efficient; a riding workforce is a happy workforce.

In an effort to align the company with Rapha’s first-ever home (no, not a room above a haberdashers in Camden – Rapha.cc, the website that started it all) it was decided that HQ will move to West Island, capital of the Cocos Islands, a territory of Australia in the Indian Ocean. It’s a bold move, but one in keeping with Rapha’s ambition to do things differently. Slate Olson, Chief Marketing Officer for Rapha, commented:

“I spent a month working with our teams in Melbourne and Sydney and the morning before I left to fly back to London I had an epiphany. I’d been thinking about ways we could improve communications and lead an emerging market more closely being further south, and then It dawned on me: why not move to the physical location of the Rapha website domain? Being equidistant between Australia and Sri Lanka has its obvious benefits, plus the weather in London sucks.”

Despite the proliferation of cyclones in the region and lack of hills, the small English-speaking population and beautiful Cocossian climate will come as a breath of fresh air to the 80-strong workforce (plus families) emigrating to what will almost certainly soon be known as Rapha Island.

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For more information please contact Kati Jagger, kati.jagger@rapha.cc

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  • Jim Holland

    This is a joke surely?

  • Chris E Dub

    Will there be an Island-wear collection to follow..? :-P

  • Jabez

    It’s in the date…..

  • Matt Cartwright

    love it.

  • Ulrich Gernhöfer

    It’s a nice joke. But the tow rope is still my favorite. Now please make my day and role out the new pro jerseys! I got some money to burn!

  • Maximus

    April fools!

  • Ed Smith

    Rubbish, you need an island with a hollowed out volcano and built in lair
    with a resident fluffy white cat surely?

  • Álvaro Guimarães

    How can you possible think about that… oh wait…