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今年もWomen's 100に参加した世界で何千もの女性サイクリストのみなさま、ありがとうございました。完走を記念する特製ロゴワッペンを、下記フォームより7月29日までに記載し申請してください。郵送にてお手元へお届けします。

Ride in comfort and style with Rapha


Lightweight Souplesse Jersey

Lightweight and breathable jersey for high intensity riding in hot and demanding conditions.


Souplesse Bib Shorts

Performance bib shorts which use the same fabric as the acclaimed men’s Pro Team Bib Shorts.


Souplesse Socks

Extra-soft, fine-yarn socks that are lightweight, durable and hard-wearing for hot-weather riding.


Medium Support Bra

A sleek cycling bra in a flattering cut, with a slim underband and structured cups with removable pads.


In Pictures

Since its inception in 2013 the Rapha Women’s 100 has grown from a passionate idea to a worldwide event. On the eve of last Sunday’s Women's 100, 8,000 women around the world had pledged to ride one hundred kilometres. In reality though, the number of women who took to the road was much higher.

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