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世界中の女性ライダーが100kmを走る7月17日の日曜日、あなたも参加してみませんか?企画されたライドに参加するもよし、自分自身でライドを企画するもよし、あるいは一人で走ることを選んだとしても、世界中の女性ライダーが同じ日に走る連帯がここにあります。昨年は世界で8,000人を超える女性ライダーが参加し、今年はより多くの参加を募ります。あなたが世界中のどこにいても大丈夫。下記のボックスに必要事項を記入して、Women's 100にぜひエントリーを。


パフォーマンスにスタイルを Raphaのウェアキット

Women's 100 Jersey

Women's 100を祝うスペシャルジャージ。デザインと性能をシンプルに両立。

Women's 100 Cap

2016年のWomen's 100コレクションを完成させる軽量キャップ

Women's 100 Socks


Classic Bib Shorts


From the Rapha Women’s blog

What keeps you riding: Women’s 100

Everyone has to push through the pain – when I sit on the start line of a race and all I can see are faster, younger, more talented riders it’s tough, and that’s when the doubt sets in. But when you realise that everyone is hurting it suddenly gets a bit easier.

Doing things differently – CANYON//SRAM

#Takethelead, CANYON//SRAM’s oft-used hashtag, can mean so many things. It’s easy to imagine it as a race strategy, even a mantra during an extreme effort. But it’s not just about winning, as Tiffany Cromwell explained in the post-race panel at the Rapha Cycle Club New York, it’s about growing women’s cycling by doing things in a fundamentally different way.

‘I had to learn how to ride a bike again’

The CANYON//SRAM rider talks about recovering from last year’s season-ending crash, returning home to race in the Aviva Women’s Tour (15 – 19 June) and why her younger sister Alice has got her looking over her shoulder.

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