1. 2014年 FESTIVE 500 入賞者

    文章: Ed Middleton | 日付:

    The fifth year of the Festive 500 saw more riders than ever rising to the challenge of riding 500km on the eight days between 24-31 December. Over 8,000 cyclists successfully completed the challenge and claimed their roundels – proof that cycling achievement lies more in the legs than in the pudding. Many pushed their own limits to ride further than they’d ridden before in an eight day period, while others simply took the opportunity of some time away from work to end the year on a cycling high.

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  2. ピンホール

    文章: Matthew Beaudin | 日付:

    The light blasts through the wet air and burns a hole on the black road. The eyes find it and strain to see the lattice of cracks and debris washing up at the edge of light and dark. For the next hour this pinhole of light is all that matters.

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  3. Rapha ウィメンズライド、アデレード

    文章: Emma Byrant | 写真: Marcus Enno | 日付:

    The route we have planned is a challenging one. We’re heading straight out for the hills. The train of riders stretches long down the road as we twist and turn our way out of the city toward the first climb of the day. It seems like only a few kilometres have passed before an 18% climb bares its teeth.

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  1. By Design


    Erik Spiekermann, typographer and designer, speaks to David Sharp for Survey in Berlin.

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