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  1. Birds in flight: building the Rapha + Liberty bikes

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    Tom Donhou is an independent frame builder based in Hackney Wick, with a workshop just a stone’s throw from the Olympic velodrome in east London. Building two bespoke bikes, one for road riding and one for the city, Tom painstakingly incorporated the distinctive Rapha + Liberty print into each frame’s paintwork. Evoking the image of starlings in flight, the 1930s print from the Liberty archive is the perfect match for both Tom’s craftsmanship and the bikes themselves. He spoke to Rapha about his experience working on such a unique project.

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  2. Colophon

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    We visited the studio of Edd Harrington and Anthony Sheret, partners at London type foundry Colophon, for a conversation about their work and the caps they designed for Rapha to mark this month’s Tour of California.

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