1. Rough roads curdled the milk

    Words: Tobie DePauw | Photography: Andy Bokanev | Date:

    As those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are banishing our winter jerseys to the back of the wardrobe, we thought we’d take the chance to tell the tale of the Rapha Prestige Midwest, which was, by all accounts, a hardy expedition through Wisconsin’s worst wind, rain and terrain.

    For those of you hearing about a Prestige for the first time, here’s a quick recap: teams set off at two-minute intervals to cover a course of 120 miles and 10,000 feet of climbing, and each team must cross the line with its full complement of riders in order to count as true ‘finishers’.

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  2. The Trappist Brewery Tour

    Words: Gerben Gerritsen | Photography: Ertzui | Film: Ertzui | Date:

    For cyclists, the Ardennes is a place more commonly associated with bergs than beers, drawing fans and pros alike to its famous roads each year for three of the sport’s classic races. But for four Rapha riders, it was the idea of connecting three monastic breweries using these historic race routes that drew them to Belgium. Here, Gerben Gerritsen shares the story of his Trappist brewery tour.

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  3. Dalsland Runt

    Words: Hagen Bender & Niklas Schelling | Photography: Hagen Bender & Johan Björklund | Date:

    Over three days in May, cyclists from across Europe gathered for the Dalsland Runt – an independent ride through Dalsland, Southern Sweden. Held since 2011, and growing from a group of three friends, the Dalsland Runt embodies the spirit of adventure riding, taking its participants over the remote gravel roads and forested terrain of Sweden’s ‘lake province’. Below, two riders share their accounts of this year’s Runt.

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  4. Rapha Women’s Prestige Merricks

    Words: Cindy-Lee Davies | Photography: Kirsty Baxter | Date:

    Driving down the gravel road to the winery where the Rapha Women’s Prestige Merricks was to begin from, I was reminded of childhood jaunts on dust tracks, and the freedom of the country. It set the tone for what would be a wonderful day’s riding. Those gravel roads were the only type I knew as a child, and we’d be riding several of them on our 121km long adventure.

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  5. Rapha Prestige

    Words: | Date:

    In 2008, a new kind of organised ride was born. With the aim of bringing out the camaraderie and suffering of road riding, the first Rapha Gentlemen’s Races in North America invited teams to take part in rough-and-ready time trials over long distances, with long days, gravel roads and finding your own way as foundations.

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  6. Wind-climbing at Gent-Wevelgem

    Words: Phil Deeker | Photography: Angus Sung (above & bottom), Graham Watson (below) | Date:

    “We are just sails in the wind” said the mighty Eddy Merckx and although Flandrian purists would not count him as one of their own, even they would admit that he should know.

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  7. The unmatchable ups and downs II

    Words: Rasmus Helt Poulsen | Photography: Jonny Hines & Jered & Ashley Gruber | Date:

    If you’ve signed up for a Cent Cols Challenge, there is a chance that you were caught up in the moment when you did it. Maybe you were looking at amazing photography in a Rapha book, got carried away on a sunny day in France, or had one glass of wine too many. That might have been what happened to me. Signing up is easy. Following through can be a challenge, especially if you live in the Northern part of Europe like I do, where the weather tends to welcome your training ambitions with a cold wet kiss.

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  8. Rapha Prestige Niseko

    Words: Katya Crema | Photography: Yoichi Watanabe | Date:

    The experience of riding my first Rapha Prestige in Tasmania was enough to make me fall in love with a new kind of cycling adventure. The camaraderie, friendship and landscapes had me hooked. And Niseko was calling.

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  9. The Rapha Continental: the art of cycling

    Words: | Date:

    The Rapha Continental began in the USA’s Pacific Northwest with a man called Daniel Wakefield Pasley (DWP), who initially pitched the idea back in 2004. At that point Rapha had just arrived on the scene, launching in July during the Tour de France with a handful of distinctive products and a curious website.

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  10. The unmatchable ups and downs

    Words: Rasmus Helt Poulsen | Date:

    It’s not possible. 100 mountain passes in 10 days. 200km a day with 5,000m of climbing. Let’s talk over drinks first before deciding anything… Who are the guys riding this? What is driving them? And who comes up with something as crazy as the Cent Cols Challenge (CCC) and makes it into a concept that people sign up for?

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  11. Winter’s stolen hours

    Words: Michael Barry | Date:

    The windows on the bedroom are lined with frost, blue and white crystal patterns becoming brilliant with the moonlight, still shining bright in its final hours. The duvet holds in the warmth, while the room has chilled through the night. The alarm buzzes. It is 5:18 am as I hit it and then reach for my winter shorts. Getting out of bed, then pulling them on, I am committed.

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  12. A champion prize-builder

    Words: | Date:

    It’s the end of the year, a time for taking stock and making new resolutions. A time, however, when such good intentions are all too easily swept down the back of the sofa with the crumbs of overindulgence. Rapha’s Festive 500 challenge offers an opportunity to avoid a holiday of bloated lethargy by getting out for some on-bike contemplation. The Grand Prize for this year’s Festive 500 is being supplied by a man who knows all about leaving home comforts behind for some time alone, Tom Donhou.

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  13. Top of the tree

    Words: Harry Dowdney | Photography: Boban Trajkovski & John Braynard | Date:

    Photography by Boban Trajkovski & John Braynard | Interview by Harry Dowdney. An interview with John Braynard and Boban Trajkovski, last year’s Festive 500 Grand Prize winners. Cyclists can be…

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  14. Getting into the Festive (500) Spirit

    Words: | Date:

    It’s a time of year renowned for people travelling long distances and bestowing gifts. And, thanks to the Rapha Festive 500, cyclists have been writing their own Christmas stories. For while it might not seem the wisest idea to ride 500km over the festive season, that hasn’t stopped a real sense of adventure and creativity when it comes to participants documenting their rides.

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  15. Wild and weathered in Waikato

    Words: Emma Bryant | Photography: Amy Taylor | Date:

    Sunshine on skin. It’s an unfamiliar feeling for us Kiwis at the moment after months of being covered by layer upon layer, wrapped and protected against biting winds, ice, rain and whatever else the winter could throw at us.

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  16. Drew Ginn on riding through the night

    Words: | Photography: Andrew Clifforth, Kintaro & Caz Whitehead | Date:

    Drew Ginn is an Australian five-time world champion rower and triple Olympic gold medallist. From 1992 to 2012, rowing consumed Drew’s life as he competed at the highest echelons of the sport. But since rowing at the 2012 London Olympics, Drew has rediscovered his love for cycling – a passion that began while riding BMX bikes as a child, then developed into a competitive racing career on the road at local, state, national and world championship level.

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  17. A Community Classic: The Dirty 130

    Words: Nathan McIntosh | Photography: Beardy McBeard | Date:

    I am not an exceptional cyclist. In fact, I can best be described as an average cyclist. Average in that my motivation for riding centres around fitness, friendship and a desire to be outside. However, given a challenging event on the horizon my motivation shifts in pursuit of a little suffering. I take a certain joy in pushing myself to the point where my body hurts in a way I can sustain.

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  18. Tackling the South Tyrol: Rapha Women’s Prestige Dolomites

    Words: Guest Authors | Photography: Sebastian Schels | Date:

    On Saturday 12th September, eighteen teams of four female riders took part in the Rapha Women’s Prestige Dolomites in South Tyrol, Italy. Not only was it the first women’s Prestige ride in Europe, but it was also a truly international affair too, with participants from ten different countries including Spain, Finland, Czech Republic, Slovenia and Austria – several of whom from the Rapha Cycling Club (RCC).

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