1. The Road Ahead: 2015

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    As 2015 gets rolling we look up the road to see what’s happening this year. 2014 was a momentous time for Rapha; a 10th birthday, a new London headquarters, more original products including the infamous Pantani Jersey, the long-awaited Climber’s Shoes, plus two beautiful new Cycle Clubs in Tokyo and Manchester. And this year looks like being no less momentous with more new products, a wealth of rides, events and plenty of incredible bike racing. Here’s a preview of what to look forward to in 2015.

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  2. The Show Goes On

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    It was less of a storm than it was an unending leak. For five days a cloud ambled over the Lone Star State, dropping temperatures and a persistent, cold rain…

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  3. 2015 World Road Race Championships

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    The 2015 UCI Road Cycling World Championships will be contested on the historic cobbled streets and punchy hills of Richmond, the state capital of Virginia, in the United States of America. It is arguable that this city is far and away more qualified than any other place in the States to host the race for the rainbow bands.

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  4. Tour of Korea 2013

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    Korea had changed. It certainly wasn’t what it had been previously – the slightly difficult adventure that it had been was now replaced with a good race that did everything…

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