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  1. Buninyong Hill Transfer Ride

    Testi: Dustin Adderley | Data:

    A 4:45am start is not how most people choose to begin a Sunday morning. Nevertheless, there was no shortage of enthusiasm as riders gathered in the Melbourne CBD at that time on Sunday 11 January 2015 to ride the 130km together to Buninyong for the Australian Men’s Road Race National Championship.

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  2. When We Were Kings

    Testi: | Foto: Oliver Soulas | Data:

    When We Were Kings is an exhibition of portraits and interviews with some of road racing’s greatest protagonists, by German artist Oliver Soulas. Opening this Friday 16th January at the Rapha Cycle Club Manchester, there will be the de rigueur food and drink plus a Q&A session with Oliver and Rouleur magazine’s assistant editor Andy McGrath.

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  3. The Show Goes On

    Testi: Matthew Beaudin | Foto: Jordan Reid | Data:

    It was less of a storm than it was an unending leak. For five days a cloud ambled over the Lone Star State, dropping temperatures and a persistent, cold rain…

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  4. Tao Geoghegan Hart

    Testi: Tom Southam | Data:

    Tao Geoghegan Hart scares the hell out of me. He has done since the first time I met him, in London’s Condor Cycles, when the then 15-year-old accosted me and…

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  5. Thrivor

    Testi: Slate Olson | Foto: Jered Gruber | Data:

    Film by Kintaro Studios Courage. We all suffer. Keep going. Those are the closing thoughts of Graeme Fife’s essay on the battle faced by every cyclist, that between the mind…

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  6. Convict of the Rope – Mark Twight

    Testi: Mark Twight | Data:

    Mark Twight made his name as a daring and pioneering climber in the 1980s and ‘90s. Part of a new wave of mountaineers who relied on physical fitness and minimal equipment to climb quickly and efficiently, he was part of a movement known as ‘extreme alpinism’.

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  7. Theatres of Cross: Nobeyama

    Testi: Kenji Yamada | Foto: Ben Ingham | Data:

    Resting at an altitude of 1,345m, a couple of hours west of Tokyo in the Nagano prefecture, Nobeyama lies almost exactly at the midpoint of Japan’s main island, Honshu. At…

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  8. Super Cross Sydney Report

    Testi: Danny ‘Danger’ James | Foto: Beardy McBeard | Data:

    What makes a great sequel? Is it a simple case of bigger is better, or is it something less tangible? Is it a deepening of the story, the characters, or…

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