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  1. Verity Copland

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    Born in Sydney, raised in Melbourne and living in London for the last five years, Verity Copland is part of the very talented Product team at Rapha Racing Ltd. An elegant bike rider and natural in front of a camera lens, she kindly invited us into her apartment in Gospel Oak, northwest London, to find out a little more about her, and also photograph some of the latest Women’s City products.

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  2. Spring, The Hell of it All

    Testi: Rigo Zimmerman | Foto: Joe Hall | Data:

    The start line is a good place to begin. In races later in the year it can be an easy place, where a mixture of chatter, excitement and nerves builds gently to a casual roll through the neutral, but in spring the start line is different. Tense and crowded, riders push and jostle, no-one talks to anyone they don’t trust, no one can shake that strange unspeakable strain that feels like a giant block of ice sat square on their shoulders.

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  3. Brevet Jersey

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    In 2011 a trio of Rapha riders decided to push their limits and enter one of road cycling’s most historic long-distance events: the Paris-Brest-Paris randonnée, in which cyclists from across…

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  4. To the Sun: Greg Lemond

    Testi: Jeremy Dunn | Foto: Well Offside | Data:

    As the Rapha Cycle Club New York City opens its exhibition of selected memorabilia of three-time Tour de France winner, Greg LeMond, we feature an exclusive interview with one of…

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