Ultime notizie, ultimi eventi e ultime testimonianze Rapha

  1. Vive le Tour

    Testi: | Foto: Emily Maye | Interview: David Evans | Data:

    Emily Maye’s latest exhibition, Vive le Tour, opens at the Rapha Cycle Club New York on 7th July. Before the photos go on display, and the opening-night wine is uncorked, we took some time to chat with Emily about the inspiration behind the show.

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  2. Magnum Cycling

    Testi: | Foto: Stuart Downie | Data:

    Earlier this year author Guy Andrews and esteemed photographer Harry Gruyaert chaired a panel discussion to launch Magnum Cycling, a “visual survey of the relationship between the world’s best photographers…

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  3. Doing things differently – CANYON//SRAM

    Testi: | Foto: Andy Bokanev & Dan Chabanov | Data:

    #Takethelead, CANYON//SRAM’s oft-used hashtag, can mean so many things. It’s easy to imagine it as a race strategy, even a mantra during an extreme effort. But it’s not just about winning, as Tiffany Cromwell explained in the post-race panel at the Rapha Cycle Club New York, it’s about growing women’s cycling by doing things in a fundamentally different way.

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  4. Rough roads curdled the milk

    Testi: Tobie DePauw | Foto: Andy Bokanev | Data:

    As those of us in the Northern Hemisphere are banishing our winter jerseys to the back of the wardrobe, we thought we’d take the chance to tell the tale of the Rapha Prestige Midwest, which was, by all accounts, a hardy expedition through Wisconsin’s worst wind, rain and terrain. For those of you hearing about a Prestige for…

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