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  1. Hallmarks of Pain

    Nouvelles: | Date:

    Ex Duris Gloria. For three weeks in July, 2004, the Old Truman Brewery, on London’s Brick Lane, hosted the Kings of Pain exhibition, a collection of photography and memorabilia devoted…

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  2. Hunger to Ride: The Rapha Women’s Prestige

    Nouvelles: Lentine Zahler | Photographie: Jake Stangel | Date:

    As an athlete-turned-pastry-chef-turned-pastry-chef-for-athletes, I have a very long-winded story that attempts to connect the dots of my resume; how I arrived in sport, how sport brought me to the kitchen,…

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  3. Chiang Mai Gentlemen’s Race 2014

    Nouvelles: Jonathan Kang | Photographie: Christopher Chen | Date:

    “I feel real sorry for you flatlanders,” says Jeff, our teammate. He’s not the only one feeling sorry. We’re only 23 kilometres into the Rapha Gentlemen’s Race, Chiang Mai and…

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  4. Mectex

    Nouvelles: | Photographie: Joe Hall | Date:

    ORA – Mectex Textile Divison “Rapha’s denim is on the loom as we speak.” says Luca Zacconi as he walks me across the car park to the main factory building.…

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