Les derniers événements, actus et commentaires de Rapha

  1. The Distance Diaries: Part 2

    Nouvelles: Anonymous | Photographie: Kendal Noctor | Date:

    Long-distance riding offers more time for reflection than any other discipline in the sport. ‘The Distance Diaries’ is a series of journals penned anonymously by a randonneur and, a few months on from the first, our rider laments a long-term injury, and the mental challenge of being in limbo.

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  2. Prepare.Execute Diaries: Sky-high standards

    Nouvelles: Ian Boswell | Photographie: Kei Tsuji | Date:

    Team Sky rider Ian Boswell is providing Rapha with dispatches from the frontline of racing at the Giro d’Italia. His third diary entry, written the day before team leader Mikel Landa was forced to withdraw with illness on Stage 10, proves that in the sport of cycling, even the best laid plans can unravel in an instant.

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  3. Back on Home Turf

    Nouvelles: | Photographie: Laura Austin, @Laura_Austin & Emily Maye (top image) | Date:

    California native Alexis Ryan gives Rapha an insight into life in the women’s pro peloton, and why being an American in Europe isn’t always easy.

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  4. In the wheels of the pros

    Nouvelles: | Date:

    A professional cyclist can easily spend up to half the year on the road. In stop-start bursts of check-ins and baggage reclaim, of anonymous hotels and days lost on team buses, the pro lifestyle is a nomadic one. And in between racing, these travelling men and women need a home that guarantees great training routes, reliable weather, and people to…

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  5. How the race was worn: Wout wins a Monument

    Nouvelles: Rapha | Photographie: Graham Watson | Date:

    The weather forecast for Sunday's Liège-Bastogne-Liège spelled snow storms and sunny patches in equal measure so Wout Poels knew he would need his versatile Rapha Shadow kit to race in. The 28-year-old climber had left it at his house back in Holland, however, so after La Flèche Wallonne he made a detour on his way to Liège.

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  6. The Legwork in Liège

    Nouvelles: Harry Dowdney | Date:

    The view from within a bike race is a privileged position; one that us fans rarely get to enjoy. Whether having ridden them, or from behind the wheel of the team car, the Team Sky directeur sportifs have an unrivalled understanding of what the biggest races are really like.

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  7. Rapha Women’s Prestige Merricks

    Nouvelles: Cindy-Lee Davies | Photographie: Kirsty Baxter | Date:

    Driving down the gravel road to the winery where the Rapha Women’s Prestige Merricks was to begin from, I was reminded of childhood jaunts on dust tracks, and the freedom of the country. It set the tone for what would be a wonderful day’s riding. Those gravel roads were the only type I knew as a child, and we’d be…

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